33 things to see and do in Marrakech

33 things to see and do in Marrakech

The Red City will most certainly enchant you! Here, one local shares 33 things to see and do in Marrakech.

Located in the southern part of the kingdom, Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most beautiful cities. A mixture of tradition & modernity, Marrakech has its own distinct flair. Here are 33 things you should see and do in the Red City.

1. Visit Jamaa el-Fna square to see the snake charmers work their magic as well as to listen to the tunes and tales of folkloric musicians and storytellers.

2. Discover the Saadian tombs adorned with vibrant tiles, marble and Arabic scripts.

3. Stroll through the orchards and olive trees of the Menara Garden and its pavilion.

4. Explore more than 300 species of stunning plants at the Majorelle Garden. Designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle, the garden is characterized by a deep shade of ultramarine, which today is known as Majorelle blue.

5. Visit the Yves Saint Laurent museum, which, like its Paris counterpart, is dedicated to the work and memory of the iconic French fashion designer who owned homes in Marrakech and spent a lot of time in the city.

6. See the Koutoubia Mosque, the largest in Marrakech, and sit down and relax in the adjacent gardens and square.

7. Experience the city from the perspective of a horse-drawn carriage ride, a local means of transportation for more than 200 years.

8. The Ochre City is known for its nightlife: Live bands at l’Epicurien, DJ sets at Theatro nightclub, latino music at Fuego Latino, live dance shows at Buddha bar, Russian performances at Mariinski, and more.

9. Get lost in the old medina and discover its mythical bamboo-covered souks, narrow alleys, colorful pyramids of spices, gorgeous ceramics, handcrafted bags and more. Shop for traditional souvenirs and clothing: leather bags, key rings, scented candles, slippers, embroidered linens and towels, and more. And be prepared to bargain….it’s an integral part of the experience!

10. While you’re at the old medina, nosh on some street food. And don’t forget to try cooked snails babbouche at Jamaa El-Fna.

11. There are plenty of good eats in Marrakech! Take care to sample Tanjia, a meat dish cooked in a clay urn that was made in Marrakech. You can find it in the old medina or at a typical restaurant Ferkous Délices.

12. Mint tea is the national drink of Morocco! You’ll most likely be sipping plenty when you’re in town, but you should the meticulous tea-making ritual at a teahouse. And be sure to nibble on some typical sweets while you sip.

13. Thirty minutes from Marrakech, Terres d’Amanar is a small estate that’s emblematic of ecotourism in Morocco. Spend the day there to discover nature, play sports and partake in crafty activities as well as to savor some delicious local food.

14. Climb Toubkal mountain, the highest peak in Morocco, North Africa and the Arab world.

15. Visit Le Jardin Secret, a 400-year-old garden. This Arab-Andalusian palace will amaze you.

16. Discover the upside-down house at the magnificent Dar El Sadaka, which is located at the Palmeraie area. Visits must be booked in advance.

17. Ride a camel at the Palmeraie through the palm grove of Marrakech. Visit traditional villages and enjoy the beautiful gardens of this oasis.

18. Test your luck at the Es Saadi Casino located in the fancy Hivernage neighborhood.

19. Drop in on  La Mamounia, the luxury and legendary palace-hotel, and dine at one of their four esteemed restaurants.

20. Take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise. The one-hour flight soars above the foothills of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains  letting you admire the splendid colors of the countryside.

21. Book your visit to a hammam (bathhouse) to enjoy an exfoliating massage with argan oil and flower water.

22. Have dinner at the tantalizing Dar Rhizlane to enjoy Mediterranean flavors and revisited Moroccan gastronomy.

23. Witness and discover how traditional shoes and bags are made by visiting the tanneries situated in the northeast section of the old medina.

24. Have lunch at Café les épices nestled into the Marrakech souks. The decorated terrace offers a beautiful view over the oldest part of the city.

25. Stay in a traditional riad within the walls of the medina to experience the calm and tranquility of the old city.

26. Don’t miss the Maison de la photographie museum to discover a collection of vintage Moroccan photography including century-old images.

27. See the magnificent ruins of El Badi Palace, also called the Incomparable palace. The sixteenth-century structure took 15 years to build.

28. Admire the gardens and craftsmanship of the Bahia Palace.

29. Visit the Marrakech Museum to discover it’s attractive architecture

30. Head to Oukaimeden Valley, a popular ski resort with the highest ski lift in Africa

31. Enjoy your day at North Africa’s first wakepark, Waky Marrakech which is located in the Palm Golf Marrakech.

32. Morocco is famous for its oranges so you’d be remiss if you didn’t sip some fresh-squeezed orange juice at the stands in and around Jamaa El Fna.

33. Last, but not least, visit a carpet shop in the old medina and haggle for a rug.

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