Simple Thanksgiving Recipes

Simple Thanksgiving Recipes

As Thanksgiving nears, it’s time to decide on your recipes if you haven’t done so already. Musement shares some Thanksgiving recipes that we hope are helpful for your as finalize your menu.

Until the moment you sit down at the table to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast, the time leading up to the holiday meal can be terribly stressful if you’re the one who handles the planning, cooking and execution of this bountiful American repast. If you can line up your recipes in advance, even better. Here, Musement takes a look at some traditional Thanksgiving recipes to help alleviate the holiday meal planning process for you or just for your reading pleasure…or a little bit of both.

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved American holidays

While you wait: Thanksgiving doesn’t exactly have “courses” per se it’s usually just dinner and sides served simultaneously, and then dessert. However, something about just diving directly into the meal doesn’t feel right. You need an intro, but at the same time, you don’t want to fill up on appetizers because a typical Thanksgiving meal can leave you stuffed to the brim that you’ll to pull a Joey and sport some maternity pants as he did in a Thanksgiving episode of Friends. Maybe a dip or two is nice to start, or a light finger food or a soup. If you’re going to go the appetizer route, you can find some ideas here from none other than Martha Stewart.


Gobble, gobble!

The main event, is without a doubt, the turkey. This white-meat bird is the headliner of the Thanksgiving meal and cooking it right is important as turkey meat generally tends to take on a dry texture, so ensuring that the meat is moist and tender is crucial as once the bird is overcooked, that’s no way to undo it.  Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Thanksgiving dinner pro, cooking a turkey is stressful. Here’s a simple, foolproof method for perfecting your Thanksgiving turkey

If you’re looking for a method that’s a little more unconventional, you can deep fry your turkey, slow cook it or just roast and stuff the breasts.

Now on to the Thanksgiving sides….

The Thanksgiving table would be incomplete without stuffing

Stuffing is one of the most glorious components of Thanksgiving dinner, and it can really make or break a meal. Once you’ve tasted amazing stuffing, it’s impossible to turn back. and stuffing is one of those dishes that someone might only go halfway to prepare. This flavorful mixture made from dry bread is usually stuffed into the turkey’s cavities prior to cooking, adding flavor to the meat, but is a delightful complement to the rest of the meal.  Nose-to-tail enthusiasts are likely to incorporate some of the bird’s pre-removed entrails into their stuffing. When done right, stuffing is glorious. If you’re a first-timer, check out this simple recipe but if you’re looking to up your stuffing ante, click here.


Mashed potatoes, so simple yet so satisfying

Mashed Potatoes: For something that in theory is so easy as all it requires are boiled potatoes, milk, butter and salt, there are plenty of ways to make mashed potatoes to a new level resulting in a creamy, velvety preparation that will have you going back for second or third helpings.  You can stay a mashed potato purist or take them up a notch with some garlic.

These sweet spuds contain high amounts of Vitamins A and C

Sweet Potatoes: These sweet spuds are not only delicious, but they are also super nutritious, filled with Vitamins A and C. There are so many things you can do with sweet potatoes like make them even sweeter by cooking them with marshmallows, prepare a pecan-crumble-topped casserole, or roast them with sage and brown butter. Of you can keep it simple by wrapping them in tin foil, place on a baking sheet and baking at 500 degrees for 70 to 90 minutes, and you have a delightful treat.




A casserole is one of the most popular presentations for green beans

Green beans: Because you need something green if only to add another color to the table, green beans also feature prominently on the Thanksgiving dinner table. To jazz the vegetable up a bit, you can find some ideas, including a typical green bean casserole, here.

Carrots are always a Turkey Day crowd pleaser

Carrots: Carrots are also customary for Thanksgiving. Try boiling them until you can poke a fork through them then strain and sautee with some butter and chives until all the butter has been soaked up by the carrots….easy, simple and delicious. Otherwise, roast them with some parsley and thyme.

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce

Cranberry Sauce: Some people go the canned cranberry sauce route and even some of the most discerning palates would surprisingly argue that canned tastes much better than homemade. It’s also much easier. Taste is subjective of course, but if you’re looking to make some at home, a homemade cranberry sauce recipe is actually quite simple. For every 12 ounces of cranberries, you need one cup of sugar and one cup of orange juice. Place the sugar and orange juice in a saucepan over heat and once the sugar has dissolved, add the cranberries and cook until they pop, which shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. That’s it! If you’re feeling creative, make the cranberry sauce your own by adding some orange and/or lemon zest, spices or dried fruit for good measure.

Gravy drizzled over typical turkey dinner. Yum.

Gravy:  What good is all this turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes if you can’t douse them in silky smooth comforting homemade gravy? Brown gravy recipes vary immensely but the important part is that it’s made from turkey drippings. A Thanksgiving plate without the gravy is like giving someone a hug without touching…it’s impossible to fathom. Go for a basic brown gravy recipe  or you can try one that’s a little more complex.

No matter how much you eat, there’s always room or apple, pecan and pumpkin pies

Desserts No three desserts scream Thanksgiving quite like the holy trinity of pies: pumpkin, pecan and apple. Pumpkin pie, save the pie crust which adds a bit of crunch, has an all-around soft and smooth texture while the sweet pecan pie filling literally melts in your mouth. Both are usually prepared open face and don’t have a crust on top.  It’s no secret that there’s no dessert quite as American as apple pie, which is why we’re going to go full circle for this one and default to Martha Stewart for an old-fashioned apple pie recipe.

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