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1. Policies and training

As part of TUI Group, we have a framework in place to identify, monitor and improve aspects of our company’s sustainability performance - covering environmental and social policies with specific human rights, child protection and animal welfare requirements. Sustainability clauses have been integrated into supplier contracts and there are extensive internal training programs in place for all our Musement employees. 

Discovering the world’s diversity, exploring new horizons, experiencing foreign countries and cultures: travel broadens people’s minds. At Musement we believe in the power of travel and together with our suppliers we are committed to creating amazing and responsible experiences for our customers. 

2. Environment and local communities

Thriving destinations benefit customers and local communities alike. Through our experiences customers discover new places and contribute to the local economy. Sustainability clauses are part of all supplier contracts where we request our supplier to commit to minimum environmental and social standards.

3. Respecting human rights

Experiences involving animals remain very popular with our customers. There are also significant socio-economic benefits for destinations from animal-related experiences, particularly in developing countries. We believe that animal-related experiences should meet global welfare standards, that’s why animal welfare clauses are part of our supplier contracts.

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4. Animal welfare

Musement respects all internationally proclaimed human rights as specified in the International Bill of Human Rights and expects the same of our suppliers and business partners.

Musement, as part of TUI Group - signatory of The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism (“The Code”) - respects all international protocols related to the protection of Children in Tourism.