11 of the best things to do in London

11 of the best things to do in London

From Buckingham Palace to the West End to London’s best eats, here are 11 things to do in London.

London is one of the world’s most diverse cities. From pubs to historic buildings to modern skyscrapers, it’s impossible to be bored in the English capital. Here are eleven things to do when you’re in town.

1. Visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace

The official residence of the Royal family since 1837, Buckingham Palace is a testament to customs and history that are deeply ingrained in British culture. The building itself demonstrates grandeur with 775 rooms, 52 of which are bedrooms for the Royal family and their guests! The changing of the guards is a fun, centuries-old tradition that’s memorable for travelers of all ages.

2. Discover the Tower of London

Learn about the darker side of British history at the Tower of London. Built nearly one-thousand years ago, the Tower has served as both a palace and a prison and has been the site of many bloody executions. Buildings to explore include the White Tower, which preserves an eleventh-century Romanesque Chapel as well as an armoury, and the Bloody Tower, from where the young princes mysteriously disappeared in 1483.

3. Go see a Musical

Book tickets to a musical in London’s West End Theatre District. There are several to pick from, and we suggest following the timeless advice of hakuna matata by seeing the world-renowned Lion King at the stunning Lyceum Theatre.

4. Attend a football match

Experience the thrill of a football game in England, where the sport was born. Despite their reputation for politeness, the British aren’t shy when it comes to sharing their passion for the game. Get tickets to a match, or tour one of London’s many stadiums like the Chelsea FC (aka Stamford Bridge).

5. Admire Windsor castle

This impressive 11th-century castle on the city’s outskirts is an official Royal residence. Well-known for its military importance and strategic position on the Thames, Windsor Castle is the longest-occupied palace in Europe and has been home to historic British rulers including King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. Explore the magnificent grounds, which span 13 acres.

6. Indulge in British Food and Ale

Drop in on a traditional British pub for some beer, and pair your brew with fish and chips or bangers and mash. Start your day with a scrumptious English Breakfast comprised of eggs, sausages, ham and fried tomatoes.  Enjoy rich yet tart scones with clotted cream alongside your afternoon tea.

7. Relax in Regents Park

This 410-acre Royal Park in the city center is home to the London Zoo, multiple children’s playgrounds, a boating area, sports pitches, a tranquil Open Air Theatre and Regent’s University. Bring lunch, watch a play, take a nap and just pass the day away here.

8. Visit the London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden takes visitors on a journey through time, art, design and, of course, transportation. Explore the countless old-fashioned buses, trams, trolleys, rolling stock cars and a miniature railway. Perfect for families!

9. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Watch Shakespeare as it would have been performed in the sixteenth century at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Located in the city center along the River Thames and a short walk from the Tower Bridge, the Globe Theater brings the Bard’s dramas and comedies to life.

10. Natural History Museum

With many interactive activities, fossils, wildlife photography, exhibitions and stories from scientific discoveries, the Natural History Museum is a fun and educational experience for all ages. Don’t miss Crime Scene live where you work with forensics and act like a detective to help crack a case.

11. Take a tour in a mini

Get a taste of vintage Britain and ride in a classic mini! As you weave through city traffic like a local, you’ll see the whole city in comfort and style without needing to board a bus.

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