33 things to see and do in Prague

33 things to see and do in Prague

The Czech capital is just waiting to be discovered! Musement takes a look at 33 things to see and do in Prague.

With the possibility of visiting Prague during my Master’s degree, there are certainly sights to see and places to explore. While some of the things to do are overwhelmed by tourists, there are some secret spots where you and your loved ones can have a memorable experience. Definitely place Prague on your bucket list.

Without further ado, here are thirty-three things to do in Prague- a city of great historical value and one that’s very easy on the eyes.

1. The best way to start is to visit the Old Town Square– arguably the most historically significant hot spot in town.

2. Here, lovely restaurants decorate the square while various street entertainers sprinkle the excitement of cultural value. The architecture is outstanding!

3. Next, take the time to check out the renowned churches: Church of St. Nicholas and Church of Lady Tyn. You can also enjoy the Stone Bell House- a museum housing both old and modern artworks.

4. A place of historical value, the Clementinum is where you can find the massive National library and a world-famous clock.

5. Watch the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Hall, where a crowd always gathers to watch the turn of the hour. So be on time!

6. Prague Castle, the “Czech version” of the White House, is a popular destination with long waiting times. Try to book early!

7. There, you can find St. Vitus, a massive cathedral that is the final resting place of the late Czech royalty.

8. You can also see the formal guard shift- and flag ceremony that occurs every day.

9. Take a stroll along the New World (Novy Svet), a cute cobbled street not far from the castle.

10. Charles Bridge boasts a striking blend of architecture and beauty. Carve some time out of your day to walk across the bridge and take pictures with loved ones.

11. If you can, take a cruise on the Vltava River– where you can have some experience of the Czech countryside.

12. Prague Zoo! It is very easy to reach, and a lovely way to spend the day.

13. For a change of pace, try out the Farmer’s Market that runs every Saturday from the early morning until about 2 pm.

14. At the market, you can check out fresh produce while you view the ducks along the lakes.

15. For you beer-lovers out there, the Czech take great pride in their beer. So why not go out drinking?

16. While there are seemingly endless bars across the city, the Hemmingway Bar and the Banker’s Bar have great ambiance and delicious beers and cocktails!

17. For nightlife, Roxy Club has house music, excellent staff, and the size to satisfy night owls.

18. Jazz lovers should check out the Ugelt and Reduta Clubs, home of excellent live singers and delicious cocktails

19. Grab a juicy burger at Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro, a popular bistro for Europeans.

20. For vegetarians, V Zatisi is an excellent choice with fantastic service.

21. The Botanical Garden is another place to spend the afternoon. Stroll, take pictures, and enjoy the crisp air….

22. …otherwise visit the famous Letna Park where you can relax and enjoy some beers!

23. The view is sublime from the Prague metronome in Letna Park.

24. If you find yourself back in the Old Town and hungry for something interesting, the Indian Jewel is a fine mix of Indian delicacies and European flavor.

25. The Jewish quarter in Prague is the perfect place to stroll through a significant part of Czech history!

26. Next, the Alchemist Museum–home of the bizarre and spectacular–is quite a sight!

27. For outdoor lovers, Prague is home to a variety of activities to get your blood pumping!

28. Possibly home to some of the best ski spots in the world, take a day off to hit up Ještěd in Liberec, a wonderful ski spot with great prices.

29. Other skiing options include Herlikovice and Spicak which are just outside of Prague. You can hop on a bus to get there.

30. Keep an eye out for any art additions on the streets! This city is seemingly filled with never-ending pieces of art.

31. A quick tip for hotels: Hotel UNIC Prague is probably the best choice for value and stay. And its conveniently close to the Old Town Square. Students can find solace in a variety of hostels.

32. Head out of the city for a day trip!

33. Go for Cesky Krumlov, where the day will pass quickly while you visit a famous castle and parks.


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