5 Instagram accounts that will make you want to visit Berlin

5 Instagram accounts that will make you want to visit Berlin

Here’s a look at five Instagram accounts that perfectly capture the intrigue and beauty of the German capital, and will make you want to book a flight to Berlin STAT.

Whether you’re planning a trip, a local who just loves the sights of your city or a wanderluster with a penchant for European culture hubs, Instagram lets you see Berlin through the eyes of both people who know the city and those who are discovering it for the first time. Here are five of our favorite Instagram accounts that will make you want to visit Berlin.

1. @berlinstagram

Michael Schulz runs one of the city’s most beloved Instagram accounts, capturing Berlin at its finest, from the smallest, blink-and-you’ll-miss details to iconic sights and buildings that are unmistakably Berlin.


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2. @thomas_k 

Thomas Kakarekos distinct street photography is testament to how much he loves Berlin. Through candid portraits and stunning cityscapes, his photos scratch below the surface to capture the city at its most authentic.

3. @lindaberlin 

Linda Berg’s photography adds a fresh perspective to the city’s sights and architecture. The beauty of her work lies in the simplicity of her minimal photos that, in many ways, make you feel like you’re being made privy to a well kept secret.

4. @stillinberlin

Savor Berlin’s best eats through Mary Scherpe’s tempting instagram feed. Eat vicariously through her lens or start planning your gastronomic night on the town.

5. @berlinpage

This Instagram account  is a veritable love letter to Berlin! This collective showcases some of the best pics tagged #BerlinPage, a vast array from photography novices to professionals to everyone in between!

photo by @chr.izz

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