Best of #Musement on Instagram in September 2018

Best of #Musement on Instagram in September 2018

Summer might be over that doesn’t mean your travels have to wind down. Here’s a look at what our Instagram community was up to this September.

Autumn has officially arrived, and September is a great month for traveling because, depending on where you are, the temperatures start to cool which can lead to an overall more enjoyable sojourn. From trekking in the desert to exploring thrilling cities, September’s summeresque climes make it an ideal month to hit the road.

Big thanks to everyone for tagging #Musement! Don’t forget to tag us on both your local adventures and distant travels for the chance to be featured. In no particular order, here are ten destinations from ten of our favorite Instagram pictures this September.

1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is an Instagrammer’s delight and @Nick_cad perfectly captures the distinct architecture of the captivating Scottish capital.

2. Paris

The Eiffel Tower is an emblem of Paris and it’s always refreshing to view the fabled landmark from a different perspective. Photo: @vimiele

3) Copenhagen

The Danish capital shines most vibrantly under a radiantly blue sky. Photo: @el_pav

4. Colmar, Alsace

Colmar is just too precious to be true, as though it has been pulled straight out of a fairytale. Photo: @trainsplainsvino

5. The Azores

Our @nkprods snaps an aerial view of Lagoa do Fogo in the majestic Azores.

6. Dubai

Making the climb up to the famous Fossil Rock for the ultimate view of Dubai and its amazing desert surroundings. Photo: @katkaruncakova

7. Coron, Palawan, Philippines

It’s a pity Game of Thrones wrapped because these rock islets could have made the perfect backdrop for one of the TV show’s wanderlust-evoking locations! Photo: @jonna.punzalon

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⛰rock islets #whenincoron

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8. Syunik, Armenia

We’re loving this ruggedly steep landscape in Syunik, Armenia. Photo: @a_different_journey

9. Gibralter

The Rock of Gibralter is one of those landmarks that everyone should see once in their lifetime. Photo: @thomas_bssnt

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#Gibraltar #rockofgibraltar #ocean # sea #musement #travel

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10. Rome

The fabled Campo de’ Fiori market, where Romans have been shopping for edibles since 1869. Photo: @giggi-gram


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