11 of the best travel podcasts

11 of the best travel podcasts

From destination-focused to adventure to an exploration of solitude, Musement shares 11 of the best travel podcasts to keep you inspired for your future journies.

From books to TV shows to movies, these uncertain times offer plenty of ways to travel from the comfort of your living room. Yet another way to travel is by ear. Maybe you could use a little background noise when you’re cleaning, exercising or just pacing the apartment to reach 10,000, and podcasts are an optimal companion.

One day, you’ll get back on the road. To help keep you inspired, here are 11 of the best travel podcasts you should listen to right now.

1. What the Pho

Globetrotters Nick and Amy share travel hacks, fun facts, language lessons, and travel tips as well as converse about important global issues. Episodes discuss traveling to Egypt on a budget, whether or not Luxembourg worth visiting, backpacking Argentina and great things about Great Britain. Website

2.Travel with Rick Steves

If you’re keen on Europe, it’s likely you’ve consulted (at least) one of Rick Steves’ guides during your visits to the continent. The travel guru hosts a one-hour weekly podcast where he discusses various travel topics such as the culture and people you encounter along the way. Each episode covers different topics from a walk through Dublin to Basque Carnivale to lighthouses to the pilgrim trails of Italy. Website

3. Travel Genius

This podcast from Bloomberg Pursuits offers helpful travel hacks as well a addresses those questions you seem to ask to no avail rendering them rhetorical no more. In addition, you’ll discover answers to questions you never knew you had, such as the first thing you should do when you walk into a hotel room. An excellent resource for your future travels. Website


Hosted by Jackie,an avid adventure travelers and trip leader, JUMP recounts wanderlust evoking tales of world travel. The host has deep knowledge of the destinations she discusses, always scratching beneath the surface, which means your bucket list will grow by the episode. From hiking the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trails in Japan to adventure firsts in Europe to planning a trip to Patagonia, there’s much here to sate your travel appetite. Website

5. Ecolust

It’s no question that sustainability is important in all areas of life and has trickled over to travel, and the Ecolust podcast covers just that. The episodes take a look at how countries around the world practice sustainability and also provides tips, such as how to stay healthy on the road and maintain your budget. Website

6. The Indie Travel Podcast

Craig and Linda, a travel-loving couple from New Zealand who’ve been making the global rounds since 2006, host this wonderful podcast. Whether you’re looking for tips for that Cotswalds road trip, how to make a transit day flow as smoothly as possible or how to get around Panama, they have you covered. Website

7. Out There

If you’re into nature, spirituality and deep conversations, the Out There podcast asks thought-provoking, insightful questions. Profound and inspiring, the episodes cover taking control of your own fear, an interview with a teenage Everest Sherpa, and how being out in the wilderness can change your brain. Website

8. Flight of Fancy

Australian travel journalist Ben Groundwater host this podcast produced by the Sydney Morning Herald’s travel team is a weekly 30-minute podcast that features interviews with professionals to cover an interesting array of topics such as the best and worst places for solo travelers, the world’s hottest food destinations, how to be a better traveler and more. Website

9. Amateur Traveler

Chris Christensen launched this destination-focused podcast in 2005 so you have plenty of archived episodes to hold you over until it’s time to travel again. Recent episodes cover climbing Mt. Kilamanajoara, Ecuador, Northern Pakistan and Asheville, North Carolina. Website

10. The Lonely Hour

Food and travel journalist Julia Bainbridge’s the Lonely Hour takes a unique slant when it comes to travel: exploring loneliness and solitude—but it’s not a downer. Instead, she shines a light on the positive aspects of these often stigmatized states. A must-listen for anyone has traveled on their own or anyone who has never taken the solo travel leap. Website

11. Extra Pack of Peanuts

Trav and Heather have been sharing their travel stories on this platform since 2013. From interviews with travelers to their own tales, you’ll be stoked to start planning your next adventure on the road. Fast-tracking citizenship, Ireland vs. Scotland and remote working are some of the recent topics. Website

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7 years in, and days like today still make me realize how amazing it is to podcast for a living. I started the day talking with @practicalwanderlust (who woke up at 6am to chat with me!) about the world’s most disastrous honeymoon and driving a car in to a church. Then @uwethesailor and I jammed on what it’s like to open a coworking space, why Bulgaria is so amazing, and how you can actually drive yourself on a safari (it’s true). • Bill Chalmers regaled me with stories about his crazy “career” as the ringmaster of the @globalscavengerhunt and being crowned the World’s Greatest Traveler. • @gokonrad and I riffed on travel apps, including how he’s created one of the best rated and popular apps out there, @tripscoutapp the future of travel, and some of our favorite underrated destinations (plus I made him pick a favorite)! • And lastly, I got to pick the brain of @the.places.i.pee and learn all about how someone bike tours from the tippy top of Alaska all the way down to the bottom of Argentina – and even found out what countries were the hardest to bike through (which I never would have guessed).• I feel very blessed to get to help spread the word of these amazing people doing amazing things and be a small part of this incredible community of travelers. • And, of course, a huge, huge thanks to everyone who listens. Your support makes it possible, and be ready, because we’ve got a dynamite lineup of shows coming over the next few months!• #travel #podcast #travelpodcast #traveldeeper #entrepreneur #travelstoke #entrepreneurlife

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