10 events around the world happening in October

10 events around the world happening in October

From a rubber duck race in Germany to a month-long celebration of the supernatural in Salem, Musement takes a look at ten events happening around the world in October.

Autumn is in full effect, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Here’s a look at ten events happening around the world this October.

1. October 1 – 31: The Festival of the Dead, Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, known for its infamous 17th-century witch hunt, is still cloaked with an aura of magic and mystique, so it’s quite fitting that October marks the month-long Festival of the Dead celebrating the supernatural, concluding on Halloween.

2. October 5: Rubber Duck Race, Germany

Yes, you read that correctly. Each year, around 7,000 rubber duckies “gather” in Tübingen to “race” in the Neckar River. Want to join in on the fun? It’s open to anyone who has a rubber duck. Otherwise, you can rent one (or as many as you want) for 3€ (each) — just make sure to write your name on the duck. The race takes about 45 minutes and the winner receives a €1,000 voucher while the runners-up are also shown some prize love.

3. October 5: Republic Day, Portugal

This annual holiday commemorates the end of the monarchy and the establishment of a republic in 1910. The government holds a few ceremonial events, but overall, the national holiday offers the Portuguese a 24-hour reprieve from the daily grind.

4. October 7 – 9: Nagasaki Kunchi Festival, Japan

This 400-year-old festival celebrates the multicultural history of Nagasaki, incorporating Dutch influences as a nod to the city’s time as a Dutch colony.

5. October 11: The Círio de Nazaré, Brazil

Two million people participate in this festival in Belém dedicated to Our Lady of Nazareth. Fireworks, processions, flowers and good time mark the occasion.

6. October 20: The World Series, America

While the teams still have yet to be decided as do the cities, one thing is for sure: Major League Baseball’s leading American and National League teams will face off for the 116th edition of the World Series. The first pitch will be tossed on October 20 to mark the start of at least four (seven max) games.

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7. October 26 – 27: Polar Circle Marathon, Greenland

Arguably the coolest marathon of them all, pun intended. Taking place in Kangerlussuaq at 66° northern latitude, the intense marathon in one of the most remote corners of the world has taken place annually since 2001.

8. October 27: Diwali, the Festival of Lights, India

This Hindu Festival, one of the most popular holidays in India, is celebrated by a few faiths. Indians place rows of clay lamps outside their homes in honor of the triumph of inner light over darkness/good over evil — quite heartwarming if we do say so ourselves. The five-day festival marks the start of the Hindu new year. In addition, fireworks spectacles about and homes contain even more incredible decor.

9. October 27: Masskara, Philippines

And another heartwarming festival! Masskara is characterized by smiley masks and colorful clothing and adornments as a way to banish the grief that swept the city of Bacolod, in the 1980s. Though the grief has passed, the holiday has lived on the city has even been nicknamed the “City of Smiles”.

10. October 31: Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve! In many places, kids put on costumes and go trick-or-treating. Yet there are traditions all around the world to celebrate the holiday derived from an ancient Celtic feast, many of which tie into the subsequent religious holidays that fall on November 1 (All Saint’s Day) and November 2 (All Soul’s Day).

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