Around the world in 10 romantic destinations

Around the world in 10 romantic destinations

Here are 10 romantic locales to spend Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day is coming and you’re looking to impress your beloved with a heartstoppingly romantic trip (or stroll)? Your heart can speak for itself—but as for everything else, we’ve got you covered. Here, in no particular order, are 10 destinations around the world that suit every taste and fancy.

1. Anywhere in Paris

We’ll start with the romantic city par excellence, a fittingly popular backdrop for marriage proposals. Paris is practically synonymous with love, and it truly deserves this association as every corner of the City of Light lends itself to romance, from the top of the Sacré-Cœur to the winding streets of the Île de la Cité all the way to the spectacular Place des Vosges in the Marais. The options are endless and the choice is wide—however, in our opinion, the most romantic thing you could possibly do is take a walk along the Seine in the late afternoon and admire the sunset together.

2. The Maldives

A dream destination and a popular honeymoon destination for celebrities and plebeians alike, the Maldives will leave you swooning. Dinners on the beach under the stars, relaxing baths, snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters and scenic infinity pools with ocean views are just some of the elements that will make your stay unforgettable. See if you can book a table at the underwater restaurant!

3.Giardino Giusti, Verona

Verona is the city of the tragic star-crossed couple who needs no introduction. Some say that Juliet’s balcony is the most romantic spot in Verona, but we disagree–there’s always a large crowd under the famous balcony, and the walls are full of handwritten mementos, so we’d advise you to cross the Adige river and visit Giardino Giusti, the 16th-century garden with statues, fountains and a hedge maze that dates back to 1786, featuring a scenic viewpoint from which you can see the city at sunset and share a few public displays of affection. The villa is lovely with sumptuous salons in which you can test your ballroom dancing skills with a little waltz.

4.The Brera Botanical Garden, Milan

Milan is another city that offers romantic corners and picturesque views, perfect for a special Valentine’s Day treat. In particular, the Brera district—the local artists’ district, the Milanese Montmartre—can be very romantic. A tour of the Pinacoteca, the Brera Botanical Garden, and the enchanting Braidense National Library are the perfect setting for dazzling your sweetheart.

5.Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world and is also featured on many lists as one of the most romantic. We think the most lovey-dovey spot is Ravello, a town carved into stone towering over the sea, famous for its magnificent villas. Among others, Villa Cimbrone is surrounded by a lush garden full of statues such as the Temple of Bacchus, a rose garden with a very impressive design and a stunning terrace overlooking the sea.

6. Fori Imperiali, Rome

Picture the beauty of Rome. Got it? Now, imagine how much more beautiful Rome must be at night, illuminated by the lights of the still-awake houses and the “sparkling stars and a sliver of moon”, as Nino Manfredi put it. A nighttime stroll past the Roman Forum on Via Fori Imperiali will take your breath away.

7. New York

Many of the romantic comedies that we love to watch and rewatch are set in New York: the Big Apple is a whirlwind, but one that conceals plenty of quiet and romantic places. The one and only Central Park offers romantic spots in the midst of nature and unique experiences, like rowing across Central Park Lake. Taking it all in from atop the Empire State Building or from the Top of the Rock is also a romantic classic—but for something that will truly make an impact, away from the tourist hotspots, we recommend going to Long Island City in Queens and admiring the city’s incredible luminous skyline from there. And for a romantic meal, book a table at one (or more!) of these six restaurants. 

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8. Iceland

Snow, Northern Lights, craters filled with boiling water and geysers, endless stretches of lunar landscapes—need we say more? A must for Game of Thrones fans, Iceland is where Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, the actors who portray Jon Snow and Ygrette, met and fell in love, an today, they’re happily married.

9. Lovers Point, Pacific Grove

As you might guess from the name, Lovers Point in Pacific Grove is a place with romanticism in its bones. From here, lovers can admire the sun rising above the Pacific Ocean. After watching the sunrise, we’d recommend that you share a picnic breakfast in Lovers Park with your sweetheart: the breathtaking views are worth the early start!

10. Romantische Straße, Bavaria

Here as well, the name says it all. The Romantische Straße (“Romantic Road”) crosses through Bavaria, connecting some of the most picturesque—and romantic—villages and castles in the world. A perfect itinerary to be enjoyed as a couple, either by car or, for the more adventurous, on bikes.

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