6 sustainable travel experiences you can’t miss

6 sustainable travel experiences you can’t miss

From Zante to Punta Cana, Ibiza and the Dalyan River, discover six Green and Fair tours and activities for a more sustainable trip.

Social, economic, and environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant in all areas of our lives, including travel. With the proper precautions, tourism can have a positive impact on local communities, respecting the land and the environment, while promoting the importance of preserving ecosystems and connecting different cultures.

That’s why TUI has created a collection of Green and Fair experiences, tours and travel activities validated through a process approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Experiences are evaluated across 11 different areas, including environmental impact, to offer tours that support local communities and are environmentally friendly.

In honor of Earth Day, celebrated every April 22nd to raise awareness about the environment and the importance of its protection, we’ve selected six Green and Fair experiences for those wanting to make their next trip more sustainable:

1. Zante (Greece): Northern Zante Cruise with Cape Skinari and Xigia Beach

Embark on a boat excursion along the northern coast of Zante to admire the island’s beauty from its crystal-clear waters. Travel aboard an environmentally friendly vessel committed to improving wastewater systems and using less fuel. The tour will explore some of the most fascinating points of the north coast, including Cape Skinari and the famous Navagio Beach. You’ll also have time to relax and soak up some sun on Xigia Beach. Onboard, local cuisine is served, with vegetarian options, while the crew is made up of locals who know and care for the island.

Book your experience online: Northern Zante Cruise with Cape Skinari and Xigia Beach

2. Punta Cana (Dominican Republic): Saona Island Highlights Tour by Boat with Buffet Lunch

Discover places that seem straight out of a postcard as you explore by boat the coast of Cotubanamá National Park that extends over Saona Island. You’ll explore the natural reserve with a specialized local guide, who will share with you his knowledge of the pristine ecosystem around you and the importance of its protection. Various animal species live here, including the manatee (protected in the country) and sea turtles, which have a dedicated conservation program. The experience limits its environmental impact by using recycled materials; it also supports the local community of Mano Juan.

Book your experience online: Saona Island Highlights Tour by Boat with Buffet Lunch

3. Ibiza (Spain): Ibiza Backroads Tour with Santa Gertrudis and Aloe Farm Visit

This guided tour invites you to discover the most authentic and less touristy side of Ibiza. It takes you through charming rural areas made up of lush fields and small characteristic villages such as Santa Gertrudis. It’s the ideal place to take home some souvenirs and shop for handmade crafts. Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are always available which, combined with the delicious culinary tradition of the island, makes this area a gastronomic paradise. The experience includes a visit to the Es Vedrà nature reserve and an ecological aloe vera farm.

Book your experience online: Ibiza Backroads Tour with Santa Gertrudis and Aloe Farm Visit

4. Rhodes (Greece): The Fascinating World of Bees

Bees, along with other pollinators, play a fundamental role in the reproduction of many crops and wild plants, and as such are enormously important for the survival of our ecosystem. At the Rhodes Bee Museum, with the help of an expert beekeeper, you’ll discover fascinating facts about this insect and its role in the biosphere. The tour will then continue with a fun workshop where you’ll learn how to prepare Melekouni, the traditional sweet of Rhodes, and a delicious honey tasting. The experience ends with a visit to a beehive, the perfect opportunity to see the honeybees in their own habitat and admire the teamwork and hierarchy of the bee community.

Book your experience online: Nat Geo Day Tour: The Fascinating World of Bees

5. Mallorca (Spain): Majorca Winery Visit with Wine & Local Food Tasting

Mallorca has a great variety of native grapes, deeply rooted in the history and landscape of the island. Preserving these grape varieties is hugely important as they contribute to conserving the biodiversity of the area. If you plan to visit this Balearic paradise, take the opportunity to tour Bodega Ramanyà. Located in the wine region of Binissalem, the bodega produces native wine varieties such as manto negro and prensal blanc. In addition to touring the vineyards, learning about winemaking and participating in a tasting, you’ll also be able to admire the family’s huge collection of tools and utensils, formerly used for vineyard cultivation and agriculture.

Book your experience online: Majorca Winery Visit with Wine & Local Food Tasting

6. Sarigerme (Turkey): River Dalyan Tour with Turtle Rescue Centre Visit

This experience is a unique opportunity to admire some of Turkey’s most beautiful natural landscapes while also contributing to the conservation of loggerhead turtles. Enjoy an excursion along the Dalyan River aboard an electrically powered and animal-friendly boat. During the journey, you’ll see the famous Lycian tombs, carved into the rocks over 2000 years ago. Another highlight of this excursion is undoubtedly the visit to a turtle rescue center on Iztuzu Beach. Here, you can learn all about loggerhead sea turtles and the conservation efforts of the center. Additionally, TUI makes a donation to the rescue center for each person participating in this tour.

Book your experience online: River Dalyan Tour with Turtle Rescue Centre Visit

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