Things to do in Sicily

Things to do in Sicily

Warm weather, delicious food, beautiful Mediterranean beaches, and a rich and diverse history… Sicily is the place to be for an exceptional vacation. There are so many things to do and impressive sites to see that it was hard to narrow down the options! But here are Musement’s best suggestions for your time discovering another remarkable cultural gem of Italy.

1) Explore Taormina

This city is a spectacular wonder of the world. The history of this city includes periods of influence from the Romans, the Greeks, the Muslims and the French, integrated into a unique and breathtaking display of architecture over cliffs with one of the most gorgeous views in Italy. Not only is the city and the views that it provides, a site to see in itself, it allows for easy access to the awe-inspiring active Volcano, Etna. Enjoy the sunset on an inspiring landscape with Mount Etna as center stage, or discover neighboring towns and Lipari Islands with fantastic beaches, magnificent rocky cliffs, and colorfully picturesque Sicilian fishing boats.

Greek Theatre in Taormina

2) Visit the Greek Temples

Sicily is home to some of the most well preserved Greek temples and ruins in the world. The Valley of the Temples is located in Agrigento, where you can witness the ancient Greek presence on the island that dates back to approximately the 5th century BC. Impressively, one of the best-preserved temples is called the Temple of Concordia, which was built in the 5th century BC, but later reused, as a church, its preservation is truly astonishing. Beholding it hijacks the imagination, transporting you back thousands of years into the past at the height of the Greek empire.

Temple of Concordia, Valley of the Temples

3) Witness Giro d’italia

Scheduled from the 5th to the 28th of May, Giro d’italia is an exciting bicycle race that is in its 100th edition this year. The race gives you a wonderfully thorough tour of the beautiful island of Sicily. Not only can you attend one of the biggest events in Italy this year, but you can also get the perfect round Island trip that includes popular sites such as Messina, Cefalù, Pedara and Mount Etna. Learn more about Giro d’italia here.

Mount Etna

4) Eat Street Food in Catania

Catania is a historical city of art, wine, and cuisine. Be spoiled by the breath-taking views, the sandy beaches, the baroque architecture, the intimate proximity to Mount Etna, and of course the delectable street cuisine. The Sicilians have successfully combined convenience, great weather and delicious food to produce a viscerally pleasurable experience. However, the pursuit of pleasure in Catania does not end there, engage in a wine tasting adventure with lunch atop the famous volcano or bring your heavenly food experience home with you by taking authentic cooking classes.


5) See the Saltpans near Trapani

Sicily has had the perfect dry, hot and seaside conditions for the creation of salt for centuries, and thus the ancient locals have handed this tradition down to contemporary Sicilians. Positively, the saltpans are a prime commodity of the Sicilian economy and have been for a long time. Evidence of this still exists in sight of the many windmills reminiscent of a medieval times salt industry.  You can visit the saltpans near Trapani but while you are there, be sure to experiment with the assortment of delightful foods of the region and enjoy another benefit to the hot, dry weather conditions, wine.

Saltpans in Marsala

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