3 of the best places for skiing in Scotland

3 of the best places for skiing in Scotland

Musement takes a look at three mountains in Scotland where you can hit the slopes without having to leave the island.

Scotland might not be the first place to spring to mind when you think about skiing in Europe — in fact, it might not be the second or third place either. But, this gem in the North of the big island known as Great Britain is a secret paradise for skiers of all levels. You might even find it skiing in Scotland costs notably less than its Alpine counterparts.

If you want to hit the piste in bonny Scotland, read on to find the best places to go skiing in Scotland.

1. Glencoe Mountain

This scenic ski resort, Scotland’s oldest, is situated in the White Corries area, around a three-hour drive from Edinburgh. The chairlift offers sweeping vistas of the snowy plains comprising the resort and beyond. Whether you’re just starting out or can ski as well as you can walk, there’s a run for every level. In fact, one of the things people love about Glencoe Mountain is that there is a wealth of backcountry skiing to enjoy as well as the runs that pepper the mountain.

Glencoe Mountain comprises 20 runs altogether, including the longest and steepest run in Scotland. If you’re hoping to stay overnight, there are micro lodges at the resort itself and other accommodation options in the town of Glencoe.

2. Glenshee Ski Centre

This is the largest ski resort in Britain and is perfect for people who want to ski for more than just one day. Altogether you will find over 40km (25 miles) of runs at the resort – and even more, if you’re willing to go off-piste. If you’re just starting out, a ski school offers reasonably priced lessons. If you’re more advanced, take your pick from several black runs.

3. Lecht

This affordable ski resort is best suited to beginner and intermediate skiers. The park mainly comprises blue and red runs with a few greens for children as well as a black run for those who like a challenge. That being said, the overall difficulty is quite low so if you are a confident skier you might get bored here. Unless, of course, you’re into freestyling – in which case there is a snow park you can enjoy and a slalom course you can try out.

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