11 places to see flowers in London this spring

11 places to see flowers in London this spring

From the city centre to the outskirts and beyond, here’s a look at 11 places to admire flowers in London this spring.

Spring is just around the corner – although the weather might suggest otherwise – and that means London will soon be in full bloom. Despite being a large, metropolitan city, London has a surprising number of green spaces. More, in fact, than many other European capitals. And, with all these beautiful parks and green spaces comes ample opportunity for spring flowers to flourish.

If you’re ready to fill your spring with colour and natural beauty, here are some of the best places in London to see spring flowers in all their glory.

1. Kew Gardens

At the top of this list has to be Kew Gardens, which comes alive in an explosion of colour during spring. The main event is undoubtedly the cherry blossom trees, but you’ll also be able to enjoy orchids, crocuses and hundreds of other flowers.

2. Kensington Gardens

Stroll through this beautiful park and you’ll be treated to the beauty of blossoming magnolia trees. Not only do they look gorgeous but they smell sublime too.

3. St. James’ Park

Daffodils galore in St James’ Park! By the time spring is in full swing, the entire park is carpeted with a sea of yellow. Nothing says “blissful day out” like frolicking through a field of swaying daffodils.

4. Buckingham Palace

Take a stroll outside one of the UK’s most popular attractions this spring and see the immaculately manicured flower beds showcasing plants in every colour of the rainbow.

5. Richmond Park

Famous for its wild deer, Richmond Park is splashed with vivid shades of pink and red in the spring when its azaleas and rhododendrons come into bloom. This enormous park is so stunning and tranquil that it’s easy to forget you’re still in London while you’re there.

6. Sexby Gardens in Peckham Rye Park

Peckham Rye Park might not be the most exciting park in London, but its gorgeous gardens will capture your heart. Small, but vibrant, if you’re on a tight schedule it’s perfect for a quick flower fix.

7. Green Park

If you didn’t get enough daffodils in St James’ Park, you can top up at Green Park. Roughly 250,000 daffodils stand to attention throughout this park every spring so it is well worth a visit.

8. Regent’s Park

Tulips are the main event at Regent’s Park. Carefully curated beds of these magnificent flowers line the various walkways throughout the park. The colours are utterly stunning and perfect for spicing up a tired Instagram.

9. Mayfield Lavender Farm

You’ll have to travel a little way out of the city centre to enjoy this park – but it is worth every second spent on public transport. This farm is an ocean of dazzling purple and has an absolutely divine aroma.

10. Greenwich Park

The Flower Garden in Greenwich Park is a horticultural masterpiece and there is no better time to visit it than spring. Take a picnic and a Frisbee and enjoy unrivaled colour and beauty as the backdrop of your visit.

11. Hampstead Heath

The brighter the colour, the more enchanting the flower – that is why wisteria is so magical. Make tracks to the famous Hampstead Heath Pergola and feast your eyes upon endless wisteria blooming.

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