Where to travel in February

Where to travel in February

February is the most romantic month, yes, but also one of the coldest. As we near the end of winter, Musement takes a look at five destinations to visit.

If you love the cold weather, you still have a few months to capitalize on experiencing both the winter wonderlands as well as certain cities to which the snow and cold add a particular charm. Or you can escape the cold all together and head somewhere warm. Here are five ideas for your February travels.

1. Hawaii

Warm up in the sunshine, trek through rainforests and discover the mystery of active volcanoes on the Islands of Hawaii. With multiple islands to choose from, there is an island paradise suited to everyone’s tastes. Brave the volcano on the Big Island, where most Hawaiians live, go surfing in Honolulu or hiking in Kauai. Despite their individualities, the islands all boast summery weather and spectacular beaches.

2. Cancun

For the ultimate vacation, travel to Cancun, Mexico where you’ll never run out of things to do: exotic snorkeling adventures, horseback riding in the jungle, swimming with dolphins in the Riviera Maya, lively entertainment, the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza and much more! Of course, you may just want to work on your tan and get some proper R&R, which is strongly encouraged, before you have to return to the daily grind.

3. Marrakech

An all-sensory experience, Marrakech is intoxicating. Explore the 600-hectares Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can uncover exotic treasures at the souks. Discover the tastes and smells of Morocco by sampling the wide variety of local specialties like Makouda, delicious potato fritters served with a spicy dipping sauce, that you can couple with the national drink: Mint Tea. You can head out of the city for a day trip to explore the region’s diverse natural landscapes which include mountains, tropical gardens and the desert.

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4. Costa Rica

With gorgeous rainforests, fantastic surfing and awe-inspiring volcanoes, Costa Rica offers travelers a vacation to remember. The capital San Jose is a good place to start your trip. While there, explore the beautiful and dense jungle at Tortuguero National Park and check out the turquoise water and white sand beaches at Tortuga Island. End your trip at Playa Guiones, a sandy surf beach in Nosara where you can spend your days catching the best waves. Voted one of the world’s 20 best surfing cities by National Geographic, Playa Guiones is also great for beginners.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

Want to see the Northern Lights? Head to Reykjavik as February is the perfect month to spot the dancing light spectacle. Iceland’s natural landscape is also truly stunning with opportunities for whale watching, glacier exploring, relaxing in a geothermal spa such as The Blue Lagoon and much more. Plus, what could be more romantic than sitting hand in hand with your Valentine while sharing the sights of the Northern Lights.


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