6 Art Exhibits in NYC

6 Art Exhibits in NYC

Craving some artistic stimulation this winter? Discover these six art exhibits in New York City.

This year is a testament to how the Big Apple is one of the world’s top cities for art and culture.  From the Metropolitan Museum of Art to galleries in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York City’s art scene boasts the top-notch diversity that characterizes all aspects of the iconic city.  Here are six art exhibits in New York this winter that are worth bundling up and braving the cold for.

1) The Long Run, MoMA

An analysis of artworks produced by artists after the acclaimed ‘breakthrough moment’, The Long Run integrates how historical context, critical thinking and persistence affects art through the mind of the artist. The exhibit showcases a variety of genres and works by both well- and lesser-known artists through the decades demonstrating their revolutionary journeys as artists and human beings. See works from Louise Bourgeois, Helen Levitt, Elizabeth Murray, Georgia O’Keeffe and more.  Entry to the exhibition is included with your entrance ticket to MoMA.

When: November 8, 2017– November 4, 2018

Where: MoMA-The Museum of Modern Art

2) Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer

Also known as Il Divino, Michelangelo (1475-1564) was an artistic genius who is admired today as an incredible artist, intellectual, inventor and designer. He is also a painter, and this exhibit showcasing drawings of his works in progress is a must-see. Entry to the exhibition is included with your tickets to the Met.

When: November 13, 2017-February 12, 2018.

Where: Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met)

3) Provocations: Anselm Kiefer at The Met Breuer

This exhibit features the works of German artist Anselm Kiefer, which recount Germany’s history as well as the horrors of World War II. Famous for his thick impasto technique, Kiefer uses a variety of mediums such as earth, lead, broken glass, dried flowers, plants and clay for a dramatic three-dimensional effect. The Met’s Marcel-Breuer-designed modern building on Madison Avenue and 75th Street, known as the Met Breuer, is hosting the exhibit. Entry to the Met Breuer is included with your tickets to the Met.

When: December 13, 2017-April 8, 2018

Where: The Met Breuer, Floor 5

4) Roots of ‘The Dinner Party’: History in the Making at the Brooklyn Museum

Featuring the artist that coined the term ‘feminist art’, Judy Chicago was a major pillar of the American feminist art movement that occurred between 1974 and 1979. Chicago is also well-known for her large collaborative art installations like The Dinner Party to which this exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum is a tribute. The work taps into the societal stereotypes of men and women while celebrating epic female achievements. The exhibition studies the evolution of the work’s creation by following the community efforts and preparation for its realization.

When: Oct 20th, 2017 – Mar 4th, 2018

Where: Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway

5) Experiments in Electrostatics: Photocopy Art from the Whitney’s Collection, 1966-1986

Located in the Meatpacking District, the Whitney Museum of American Art has a fascinating exhibit that focuses on photocopying as an art form. By highlighting photocopy art from the Whitney Collection between 1966 and 1986, the exhibit delivers an elegant and stunning series of works through an avant-garde medium. Entry to the exhibit is included with your express-entry tickets to the Whitney.

When: 17 November 2017-March 2018

Where: Whitney Museum of American Art

6) September 11th Historical & Memorial Exhibition, 9/11 Memorial and Exhibition

Retelling the story of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93, this ongoing multi-part exhibition is a touching tribute to the memory of 9/11 at Ground Zero. The historical exhibition features three parts: The day itself, before 9/11, and the world after 9/11, while the memorial exhibition takes you through the personal stories of the people involved, and commemorates those who were lost. The emotional immersive exhibition uses art and media installations as well as personal stories to inspire catharsis and compassion in the hearts of its viewers. Entry is included with your tickets to the 9/11 Memorial and Exhibition.

When: Ongoing

Where: 9/11 Memorial & Museum

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