6 best places to admire fall foliage in America

6 best places to admire fall foliage in America

The sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet, the crisp autumn air filling up your lungs and spectacular landscapes painted in shades of gold, orange, yellow and red! Discover six of the best destinations for fall foliage in America.

The beauty of the autumn season (and everything pumpkin-flavored) is upon us again which means it’s time to celebrate! So, here are our six of our favorite destinations for fall foliage.

1. New York City, New York

New York is a wonderful fall destination as the city boasts family-friendly festivals with entertaining events and games like pie eating, corn husking, scavenger hunts, pig races and more. Plus, Central Park is always ideal for an autumn stroll. However, there is even more fall foliage located just outside the city. The Adirondacks and the Finger Lakes are just a three-hour drive…and the scenic foliage along the way will make the ride fly by in no time. You could spend weeks exploring the vast national parks or hiking trails where you can admire sweeping views of colorful forest in all directions. This region is truly a paradise for fall lovers.

2. Knoxville, Tennessee

Although it might be the first fall-foliage destination to spring to mind, Knoxville Tennessee is just fifty-minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Just thirty minutes from downtown, you can hike the Crest Trail that stretches from the West End Overlook to the East End Overlook and admire the exceptional views. West End Overlook boasts views of the Cumberland Mountains to the north, the Smoky Mountains to the south, and a glimpse of downtown Knoxville on the horizon. From the East End Overlook, you can see the Clinch Mountain range which runs northeast all the way into Southwest Virginia. Explore this autumn wonderland with all the comforts of the urban jungle nearby.

3. Portland, Oregon

With more than 5,000 acres and 80 miles of soft-surface trails, Portland’s vast Forest Park is the largest urban forest in the US. Go trekking on the peaceful Maple Trail, ideal for a last-minute hike. For a relatively easy four-mile trek, begin at Lower Saltzman Road Trailhead and turn back once you hit Leif Erikson Drive. You can also set out on an adventure to a Pacific Northwest pride and joy: the majestic Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and its cascading waterfalls.

4. Yellowstone National Park

Famed for its exceptional wilderness, Yellowstone National Park encompasses more than 2.2 million acres and more than 900 miles of hiking trails! Located close to the borders of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, this boundless park is a national treasure and the extent of its rugged beauty can be rediscovered during each season. Although Yellowstone doesn’t have the same vibrant autumn colors as New England, what it lacks in reds and oranges, it makes up for in breathtaking natural landscapes. Depending on where you’re traveling from, you can find a hike suitable for you.

5. Denver, Colorado

Due to the five different climate zones in the Mile High City region, Denver offers one of the longest periods of fall foliage. Starting mid-September, the aspens located at 8,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level start to turn gold, while October and mid-November bring the transformation of the foothills and the plains. Take a drive along Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved road in North America, winding through Rocky Mountain National Park. Instagram enthusiasts will find some amazing vantage points for foliage photography.

6. Boston, Massachusetts

Ahh, Boston… last but most certainly not the least. The New England region is our champion of autumn possessing some of the most magnificent fall colors. Straight out of a scene from Good Will Hunting (despite many scenes actually being filmed in Toronto…shhh), Boston is enchanting in autumn. In addition, the city boasts a fantastic foodie scene, a contagious baseball-season fever, and beautiful university campuses like MIT and Harvard. Wander the streets aimlessly and let the fall foliage colors enchant you.

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