5 trips to take after a break-up

5 trips to take after a break-up

If you’re feeling broken-hearted, the best thing you could do is get away from it all for a bit. Musement takes a look at five trips to take after a break-up.

Have you gone through a break-up recently? Instead of having a pity party on your couch and having to respond “I’m hanging in there” every time your well-intentioned friends ask if you’re okay, just pack your bags and head off on a new adventure.

Are you surrounded by constant reminders of your ex? Every small corner of your house, the restaurants you used to frequent together, their favorite mug…you get the idea. Well, then you need to put a little distance between you and your day-to-day life. Everything feels new and different when you’re traveling. Your curiosity and your adventurous side will awaken enough drive and courage to help you let go of a bad ending and rise from the ashes. Traveling is often a period of transition where you can get to know yourself again, where you grow, and from which we often come back stronger. Limitless destinations are within your reach, perfectly reflecting the world and the future that are right in front of you. Here are five trips to take after a break-up.

1. Gaze upon magnificent wonders

From the sheer staggering size of the Grand Canyon and the stunning beauty of the Great Barrier Reef to Egypt’s colossal pyramids to the infinite expanse of Dubai’s golden desert, the magnificent scenery will remind you not only how wonderful the world is, but also that life is beautiful!

2. Embark on a hardcore road trip

You just finally put an end to your love story and do not feel like going back on the market for a while? The timing is ideal for a road trip in lands far far away, stripped from your cozy fancy comfort. Fully equipped by Quechua, an oversized backpack and huge brown hiking boots, you are ready to roll! Asia, Africa and South America are all waiting for you and your unshaved legs or smooth long beard.

3. Meet new people

Traveling alone is the perfect way to meet new people… and we’re not talking about Tinder. Stay in hostels, be open to meeting and conversing with others and enroll in some group activities and tours to create memories that will last forever. Who knows,  you might even meet some new traveling companions? Or even encounter that new special someone?  Thailand is one of the most sought-after destinations for young travelers to explore as their first trip in a remote and foreign country. If you’re a woman solo traveler, Northern Europe cities like Copenhagen or Stockholm as well as exotic destinations like Nepal or Bali, are particularly safe. In Santiago, Chile, you’ll be surprised by the kindness of the locals. Also, if you don’t want to venture too far, our Spanish and Italian kin will find a way to make you feel at home while there will always be someone to offer you a beer in Edinburgh and Budapest, the latter of which happens to be particularly splendid in the fall.

4. Party until dawn like 15-year-old

After a certain amount of time, every couple seems to hit a point in their relationship when they indulge in too many Netflix-and-chill evenings and quiet dinners at home. Ladies: treat yourself to a new glittery top and red lipstick. Gentlemen: get those tight jeans out of the closet (yes, we all know you own a pair) and get groovin’ on the dancefloor for an alternative, transgressive or underground evening in New York, London or Berlin.

5. Satiate your (non-sexual) appetite

Love gives wings and, like little birds, when we are in love, we sometimes feel like we could live on fresh air alone. However, after a break-up, we often only feel like ingesting saturated fats, sugar and alcohol… or we’re not hungry at all. In both cases, everything’s wrong! Renew your taste for good things and pamper yourself in countries where you’ll be served gastrorgasmic dishes. Loosen your belt a notch and get ready to explore the culinary world; discover traditional Roman dishes, delicious Portuguese delicacies, Bordeaux wine, Neapolitan pizza and guacamole-topped tacos in Mexico.

6. Challenge yourself to get back in ( or in even better) shape

After having eaten copious amounts of-of ice cream, hamburgers and sweets, it’s now time to switch to detox mode and get back in touch with your inner self. Treat your body to some fresh air and sunshine and tone up to feel even more confident and sexier about yourself. Whether you climb Mt Kilimanjaro, scale glaciers in Iceland, surf in Sydney, participate in a yoga retreat or simply hike a trail close to home, you’re on the way to recovery.

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