Five of the best wine bars in Bordeaux

Five of the best wine bars in Bordeaux

In addition to producing some of the world’s finest wines, Bordeaux is home to amazing locales where you can sip some of them. Here are five of the best wine bars in Bordeaux.

Are you visiting the world’s wine capital and looking for the perfect place to taste some of the finest? Well, fret not. Here’s a selection of the best wine bars in Bordeaux.

1. La Conserverie – Conserverie

Located in the Chartrons district near the docks, La Conserverie – Conserverie wears many hats: a wine cellar with many different labels, a grocery store offering handmade products from Southwest France and Spain, and a tasting room where you can enjoy some of the world’s finest wines. Owned by four passionate partners, La Conserverie – Conserverie is also a “cave à liens” hosting events, exhibitions, and meetings in its modern room or on the hidden patio, a pleasant warm weather option. Fun fact: more than half of the wines on offer were produced by women!  Visit the charming Notre Dame Street for a convivial and joyous moment. (La Conserverie – Conserverie, 18 rue Notre-Dame, website:, photo: Facebook)


La Conserverie – Conserverie

2. Le Wine Bar

Recently ranked among the top 20 wine bars in France by Terre de Vin Magazine, Le Wine Bar meets all the requirements for a great time: an elegant and easily recognizable storefront, a selection of excellent wines, and a warm welcome by Giancarlo and Emmanuel. In addition to many locally produced Bordeaux bottles, Le Wine Bar offers labels from all over the world, as well as simple and sophisticated cuisine with Italian and regional elements, designed to complement and enhance your what you’re sipping on. A tasting journey to be remembered! (Le Wine Bar, 19 rue des Bahutiers; photo: website)

Le Wine Bar

3. Aux 4 coins du Vin

Facing the dynamic Saint-Pierre square, this elegant wine bar serves a selection of great wines in a setting that juxtaposes modernity with authenticity by offsetting the exposed stone walls with contemporary furniture. At the innovative locale, customers must insert a magnetic card into the Oenomat, a machine that keeps open wine at the right temperature and automatically serves the desired quantity, a process that optimizes both conservation and service. Obviously, the bar staff will be happy to provide you with some advice and accompany you while tasting high-quality international wines. The menu also includes some vintage grands crus: Cheval Blanc, Rayas, Yquem and so on. (Aux 4 coins du Vin, 8 rue de la Devise, website, photo: Facebook)

Aux 4 coins du Vin

4. Wine More Time

With its eighteenth-century facades, pedestrian streets and relaxed atmosphere, Saint-Pierre is one of Bordeaux’s most charming districts. Between La Grosse Cloche and Fernand-Lafargue Square, Saint-James Street houses a wine bar with an unusual name: Wine More Time. Slightly reminiscent of a Spanish bodega, the bar offers no less than 400 (regularly renewed) wines, from local brands to labels from across the Atlantic. As great connoisseurs, the two managers will be happy to tell you about their favorite options and guide your choices. The menu also includes craft beers and delicious tapas. (Wine More Time, 8 rue Saint James; photo: Facebook)

Wine More Time

5. Latitude 20

The first cultural center in the world entirely devoted to oenology, La Cité du Vin is the latest trendy place in Bordeaux. The wine is dissected, analyzed, displayed, and of course tasted. With a spacious, sophisticated atmosphere, Lattitude 20 offers a vertiginous menu of nearly 800 wines from 70 countries. Thanks to the sommeliers, you will have the opportunity to taste Bordeaux wines, of course, but also other wines from surprising places such as Namibia, Peru, and Tahiti. Enjoy the finest wines in this new wine temple, on the banks of the Garonne. (Latitude 20, 5 esplanade de Pontac; website)


Latitude 20 at La Cité du Vin

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