8 reasons you must visit Budapest in autumn

8 reasons you must visit Budapest in autumn

From fairs and festivals to an unparalleled atmosphere, Musement shares six reasons to visit Budapest in autumn.

Some cities are timelessly gorgeous no matter the season and time of year: Paris, London and New York to name a few. These world capitals never cease to amaze any day of the year.

Undoubtedly, Budapest–the Paris of the East–is also on this list. The city is always marvelous, but there’s just something about the autumn. Not only do the warm colors enhance its beauty, but the city is livelier than ever from September to November, thanks to fairs, festivals and festivities. Here are six reasons why you should visit Budapest in the autumn.

1. The foliage

Budapest is very green. Its many parks include the enormous Városliget which stretches all the way from Heroes’ Square to  Vajdahunyad Castle; Karolyi Kert, the city’s oldest garden; Gellért Hill, which overlooks the Danube and Füvészkert, the elegant botanical garden. Once fall arrives, all these places transform to shades of gold, amber and red. Adorned with these colors, Budapest is even easier on the eyes than usual.

2. Bask in the hot baths

A visit to the hot baths is a delightfully satisfying experience, and Budapest is home to the largest hot baths in Europe. However, you can’t enjoy this experience to the fullest during the spring or summer because of the high temperatures, and visiting in the winter is reserved for those brave souls who have no problem with drastic differences in body temperature. Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters and to relax after sightseeing.

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3. A delightfully eerie atmosphere

With its melancholy atmosphere and fog, autumn lets you discover the city’s sinister and mysterious side. With the imposing Buda Castle, the black-as-ink Danube and winding streets slightly illuminated by subdued lights, Budapest is the perfect backdrop for ghost and vampire stories. For this very reason, a tour to uncover the true story of Vlad the Impaler–the inspiration for Dracula–or Elizabeth Báthory will take on a particular fitting flavor at this time of year.

4. The Wine and Cheese Festival

On 29 and 29 November, Budapest will host the Wine and Cheese Festival where patrons can taste the first wine of the season accompanied with artisanal cheese from local farmers. The festival takes place between 10am and 6pm, and the ticket, which costs 2,000 HUF (around 7$), includes a wine tasting and free entrance to the Hungarian Agriculture Museum.

5. The Budapest Design Week

Budapest also has its own Design Week, which takes place 5 – 19 October. During this period, the city comes to life with all kinds of events at more than 100 locations. Add a fashionable twist to your stay by attending one of the talks, exhibitions, projections, design tours, fashion shows and much more.

6. The Café Budapest Contemporary Art Festival

From 5-21 October, Budapest will host the Café Budapest Contemporary Art Festival. This event attracts artists from all over the world who showcase their talents in dance shows and live music performances. The 2018 festival theme is the work of Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, a very important figure and a great inspiration for local and international artists.

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