6 apps that will make your Instagram stories magical

6 apps that will make your Instagram stories magical

Musement takes a look at six different apps for alluring Instagram stories.

Instagram stories have revolutionized social media, and arguably even the offline world: the fans of some influencers are known to follow their stories religiously. We look through the stories posted by our friends and acquaintances to sneak a peek into their lives, we obsessively check the views on our own to see if someone, in particular, has viewed them, and we love to share our fun times and travels through our stories. Some say the stories are for the selfies that came out pretty good, but not good enough to get their own spot on your feed. Whatever your reason for creating your own Instagram stories, here are some apps that will help jazz them up and make them more interesting, and successfully navigate the expectations of the highly polished world of social media.

1. Unfold

Minimalist, creative and stylish frames and templates, perfect for those who need to give their feed and their Instagram stories a professional and carefully designed look.

2. Story Maker

Models, filters, frames and many different fonts to customize each photo, video, and caption. The app is free, though there is a fee to download some of the designs.

3. Snapseed

We mentioned this app in our article about the best smartphone photo-editing apps. Snapseed pretty much boasts the most complete toolkit available for photo editing—and therefore, story editing, too, by turning simple snapshots into true masterpieces through powerful editing features that are simple and intuitive to boot.

4. StoryArt

Here as well, you’ll find a lot of filters and templates to customize your stories, but these are much more “artsy” in style, as the app’s name would suggest. The designs feature creative effects such as marble and wood grain textures, “photos taped to the wall” or an old school photo film strip, which will add a “shabby chic” feel to your story.

5. StorySaver

Sometimes we see stories that are so beautiful and fun that we’re sorry they have such a short lifespan. Other times, some influencer will suggest a local place to try out in their stories, or give out a tip about something that interests us—but we end up forgetting what it was, again and again. StorySaver is a very useful tool to solve this problem: it can save stories from people we’re following, and also from other profiles that show up while browsing.

6. Over

This is yet another app that focuses on customizing stories, but with a different style than the others: it offers bright colors, a pastel palette, and a cartoon effect design, with the ability to edit photos and captions and even to create logos.

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