6 of the world’s most colorful beaches

6 of the world’s most colorful beaches

Dreaming of the sea, the sun and paradise-like beaches as winter approaches? Here’s a look at six of the world’s most colorful beaches.

Winter is upon us, and while some of us can’t wait to wrap ourselves in blankets and sip a hot drink at home, others dream of nothing other than beaches, warm climes, sunshine, the blue sea and cocktails adorned with colored umbrellas.

For those in this last category, we know it can be tough. For many, summer lasts for just a few months which isn’t ideal for those who are always in the mood for the beach. So, we’ve compiled this list of dreamy beaches where you can fly in your mind’s eye—or to where you can book a flight right now. And these are true “dream beaches”, not just pristine white ones: these beaches are draped in all the colors of the rainbow! Let’s discover six spectacularly colored dreamy beaches across the world.

1. Pink – Horseshoe Bay Beach, Southampton, Bermuda

Walking barefoot on a romantic pink sandy beach is definitely an incredible experience. This spectacular Bermuda beach owes its soft pink hues—which create an amazing contrast with the bright turquoise shade of the sea—to a tiny animal that lives among the coral reefs surrounding the area. They dwell inside a pink shell and when they die, their shells mesh with the white sand of the beach resulting in an enchanting paradise.

2. Yellow – Porto Ferro, Sardinia

Yellow is the color of the sun, of vitality and of many typical summer fruits, and the yellow beach at Porto Ferro is the perfect place for a beach vacation. Its peculiar color is due to a mix of orange limestone, seashells and volcanic deposits.

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3. Red – Kaihalulu Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Even though red is not traditionally associated with paradise, this red sand beach in Maui is wonderfully Eden-like. It’s difficult to access because you’ll have to ask for permission to cross private property followed by an adventurous trek. But on the other hand, these difficulties keep the crowds away, maintaining an aura of pristine beauty. Enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of a crescent-shaped beach with bright red sand, protected by rocky cliffs of the same color and bathed in the waters of the deep blue sea. Kaihalulu Beach owes its unique color to the volcanic ash residues found in the surrounding soil.

4. Green – Papakolea Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

While we’re on the topic of evasive beaches, the green Papakolea beach on Big Island will leave you breathless—after several hours of hiking and climbing, that is. Yes, you read that right, we’re talking about a beach with green sand: a natural phenomenon that is not just rare, but rather unique. The shade is due to the presence of olivine, a semiprecious stone.

5. Violet – Pfeiffer Beach, California

You’d think an amethyst-colored beach would only be possible in the imagination of a cartoonist—but when you’re in California, you can visit a beach with purple sand that looks nothing short of your wildest flights of fancy. Pfeiffer Beach owes its purple hues to the manganese cliffs that have enriched its sands with tiny violet crystals. A truly spectacular marvel to behold, especially at sunset.

6. Black – Mosteiros, Azores Islands

We end with a black-sand beach, a classic that never fails to fascinate. In the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores, one can find the Mosteiros beach, a pitch-black volcanic beach, which gets its name from the fact that one can see the Ilhéus dos Mosteiros rise up from the dark blue ocean half a mile from the shore: four pitch-black rock formations, which are all that is left of a volcanic island.

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