PortAventura: the best attractions for the whole family

PortAventura: the best attractions for the whole family

From the fastest roller-coasters to the most thrilling shows and the wildest water slides, discover the best attractions of PortAventura.

Summer has officially begun, and with it comes time for water and amusement parks! One of the best in Europe is PortAventura World, just outside Salou on the Costa Dorada. Thanks to its strategic location, PortAventura is the perfect addition to a beach vacation in Spain or a city trip to Barcelona.

The complex is divided into three parks, with numerous attractions, shows, roller-coasters, and themed areas. There’s something for every taste and fun is guaranteed for the whole family, from the youngest adventurers to the true daredevils, to those who prefer to keep an eye on the bags. But what are the not-to-be-missed attractions?

Keep reading to discover 12 of the best attractions at PortAventura.

For the true adventurers

Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence

From 17 June of this year, adventure and video game fans will finally be able to experience PortAventura’s new roller-coaster: Uncharted. In this dark ride attraction, you’ll take on the role of Nathan Drake and Sully, who find themselves in the Wild West, searching for a treasure hidden 500 years ago. But you won’t be the only one searching for gold! After a pre-show full of surprises, you’ll hop on the indoor roller-coaster with a track of 700m, a height of 12m, and five launches with an acceleration of up to 1G. Ready to unleash your inner treasure hunter?

Minimum height: 3’9” (1.2m)
Where: PortAventura Park: Far West

Red Force

Did you know that PortAventura World is home to the tallest and fastest vertical accelerator in Europe? It’s called Red Force and is located in Ferrari Land, a dream come true for those who love fast cars and Italian style. This attraction, visible from miles away, is the highlight of the amusement park and is reserved for true daredevils. As soon as you leave the station, you’ll accelerate from 0 to 180 km/h in five breathtaking seconds! Then you’ll be propelled to a height of 112m before returning to the station, via a breathtaking vertical descent.

Minimum height: 4’6” (1.4m)
Where: Ferrari Land


Another sensational attraction can be found at PortAventura Park. When it opened, Shambhala was the tallest and fastest roller-coaster in Europe until it was surpassed by Red Force in 2017. Inspired by the Himalayan mountains, these roller-coasters take you to the grand height of 76m before descending at a 77.4-degree angle. Butterflies in your stomach guaranteed! Then more climbs and descents await you. Finally, after three heart-stopping minutes, you can safely get off.

Minimum height: 4’6” (1.4m)
Where: PortAventura Park: China


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Attractions for the littlest ones

Tami Tami

Do you have little adventurers in the family? Then bring them to Tami Tami! It’s the only roller-coaster for children at PortAventura, located in SésamoAventura. Tami Tami still has exciting climbs and descents, while reaching a speed of 35 km/h, which will give those too small for Dragon Khan or Shambhala a thrill. And believe us, even the accompanying adults will have fun, too.

Minimum height: 4’3” (1.3m) alone or 3’3” (1m) accompanied by an adult
Where: PortAventura Park: SésamoAventura

La Granja de Elmo

Stay in SésamoAventura a little longer and explore this family-friendly fun attraction full of animals. This is Elmo’s farm and he’s waiting to introduce you to his friends. Hop aboard the tractor and you’ll discover all the animals, from sheep to cows and chickens, and their homes. One ride won’t be enough to see them all, so you may want to repeat the attraction several times.

Minimum height: 3’9” (1.2m) alone or no minimum height requirement if accompanied by an adult
Where: PortAventura Park: SésamoAventura


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Flying Race

At Ferrari Land it’s not just about cars. Flying Race is a fun attraction for the little pilots in the family. Jump aboard the colorful airplanes with your kids, letting them steer while you decide how high or low to fly. It’s also nice to learn about the story of the attraction, which pays homage to the heroic pilot Francesco Baracca. This Italian aviator designed the iconic prancing horse on his plane, which Enzo Ferrari later used for his cars.

Note: Adults are not allowed on the ride without children.

Minimum height: 3’4” (1.05m) alone or no minimum height requirement if accompanied by an adult
Where: Ferrari Land


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For young and old

Street Mission

This dark ride dedicated to the Sesame Street world is a fun adventure for the whole family. The goal is to help Detective Grover on his special mission, and there’s room for everyone, from the biggest and bravest to the little ones. The attraction consists of a 10-minute pre-show and a 5-minute taxi ride, searching for clues to solve the case. Perfectly themed and interactive, Street Mission is an excellent attraction you’ll want to experience more than once as you’ll discover new details every time.

Minimum height: 3’9” (1.2m) alone or 2’9” (90cm) accompanied by an adult
Where: PortAventura Park: SésamoAventura

Bang Bang West

Attending one of the many shows at PortAventura is another great activity to do with the family. Don’t miss Bang Bang West, a Far West-themed show that’s a great classic and one of our favorites. It simply has it all: comedy, actors, acrobats, shootouts, explosions, and much more. As if that weren’t enough, the perfectly themed area will further transport you into another world.

Where: PortAventura Park: Far West

Grand Canyon Rapids

Attention: you’re going to get wet on this attraction! But that’s all part of the fun, especially on those hot Spanish days. Grand Canyon Rapids is a classic ride at PortAventura. Built in 1995 its charm has only increased over the years. It’s turbulent enough to be exciting but not too intense to scare the little ones or the less daring. You’ll ride in a raft, carried by the current on the Colorado River, back in the days of the Far West. You’ll cross forests, rock walls and numerous waterfalls, while hidden bandits take aim at you with their water guns.

Minimum height:4’3” (1.3m) alone or 3’6” (1.1m) accompanied by an adult
Where: PortAventura Park: Far West

For the hottest days

PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park

With 16 attractions and pools, this Caribbean-themed water park is a true paradise. Located within the PortAventura World complex but in a separate area dedicated entirely to water experiences, Caribe Aquatic Park is the ideal place to cool off and have fun with your loved ones. Here, you’ll find something for everyone, with areas dedicated to the little ones, beaches to relax on, and thrilling slides. Among the slides, the must-try for thrill seekers is without a doubt the King Khajuna, one of the tallest water slides in Europe at 30m high.

Where: PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park


What better way to cool off than with a good water gun battle? Even better if you’re aboard a boat that takes you through a lively temple and jungle! This exotic adventure, suitable for almost everyone, is an interactive journey where you’ll get to shoot your water guns at anything that obstructs your path. The final battle instead is a fight to the death (aka last water drop) with the other boats and their crew.

Minimum height: 4’3” (1.3m)
Where: PortAventura Park: China

Tutuki Splash

Inside the themed area of Polynesia, you’ll find one of the most beloved and popular attractions at PortAventura: Tutuki Splash. Embark on an exciting journey into the heart of the Polynesian jungle, on a raft as you escape the wrath of an awakened volcano. With two thrilling descents and guaranteed fun, Tutuki Splash is an unmissable attraction that promises not to leave anyone dry.

Minimum height: 4’6” (1.4m) alone or 3’9” (1.2m) accompanied by an adult
Where: PortAventura Park: Polynesia

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