Best of #Musement on Instagram in November 2018

Best of #Musement on Instagram in November 2018

Here’s a look at what our Instagram community was up to this November.

It’s getting cold outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to cuddle up on the couch. Our community has been out and about exploring the world, not letting a draft in the air stop them. In fact, a chill in the air might even further enhance some places while others might enjoy a temporary warm spell.

Big thanks to everyone who shared their splendid photos! Don’t forget to tag #Musement on both your local adventures and distant travels for the chance to be featured. In no particular order, here are ten of our favorite Instagram pictures from November.

1. London

@kiruna__  basks in some London city life while the weather is still agreeable.

2. Prague

It’s impossible to resist snapping a shot of Fred & Ginger, one of the most instagrammable places in Prague. Photo: @scarlettgarofalo

3. Granada

@a_signorina_in_milan visited the Alhambra with us when she was in Granada.  Read about her visit here.

4. Lago di Barcis

@carlab1404 reflects on the exquisite Lago di Barcis, a Northern Italian lake.

5. Langkawi, Malaysia

@nkprods snaps a splendid aerial of Langkawi, a dreamy archipelago in Malaysia.

6. Mestia, Georgia

@cazfox94 enjoys some ethereal landscapes while hiking through Mestia, a Georgian town that’s 1500 meters in altitude.

7. Hong Kong

@trainsplanesvino takes in some serenity at the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Hong Kong.

8. Dubai

@floradellevacche took a desert safari with us in Dubai!

9. Amsterdam

@superchouette captures the low light and autumn hues of Amsterdam over one of the city’s typical canals. Sigh.

10. Paris

No matter what perspective, Paris just never gets old. Ever. Photo: @ingld

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