What to do in the Canary Islands

What to do in the Canary Islands

Here’s a look at the various ways to experience and unwind on five of the illustrious Canary Islands.

Each of the exquisite Canary Islands will offer something for every kind of traveler, and if we know one thing about this dreamy archipelago, it’s that you’ll never be bored! Here’s a sampling of the fun things to do in the Canary Islands.

1. Tenerife: The Island of 1000 Experiences

With a wide variety of landscapes and activities, Tenerife is the island of possibility. Home to Spain’s highest mountain, but also the world’s third tallest volcano – Mount Teide. The island is the perfect place for all those who love hiking and breathtaking views. With stunning natural parks and long golden sand beaches such as La Tejita, nature lovers will have a blast! Take a boat along the south side to admire dolphins, orcas and even blue whales. On the north, explore the busy towns of La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Finally, don’t leave the island without tasting Malvasia white wine – Tenerife’s signature nectar of the gods – paired with some small shrimp or an octopus salad.


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2. Gran Canaria: A Small Paradise

Gran Canaria is an island that boasts stunning natural landscapes. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve features a rare floristic richness, thanks to its unique climate. You can explore nearly 60km of beaches around the island, including the beautiful dunes of Mespalomas beach where you can go camel riding. Gran Canaria’s charming villages include Agaete, with its bright white hues, and Vegueta, with its quaint historic center. Savor seafood in Puerto de Mogan, a pleasant and colorful fishing village on the south of the island. Party animals will have plenty to do in the capital, Las Palmas.

3. Fuerteventura: Sports Destination!

Bathed by the sun and with over 300km of breezy beaches, Fuerteventura is the perfect island for those who love water sports. Surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, just to name a few. Head to the mountainous hinterland for a few intoxicating strolls or discover gorgeous towns such as Betancuria, which dates back to the fifteenth century and is home to a fascinating archaeological museum dedicated to the archipelago’s first settlers. El Cotillo fishing port is also worth a visit before you reach the black sand beach – Playa de los Muertos. Between surf sessions, enjoy some majoreros cheese, the pride of the island!


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4. Lanzarote: The Volcanic Beach

The spectacular landscapes of Lanzarote will dazzle you!  The island’s volcanic soil exhibits red, brown and black hues that are scattered across the mountains and hillsides. Bask in the sun on a black sand beach like the one in the crater of El Golfo, located at sea level and home to a green lagoon in the center. Truly, a must-see! And don’t forget to visit the amazing vineyard estate of La Geria, where vineyards are grown in black soil.  Explore the ocher landscapes of Timanfaya National Park on camel-back. When in the north, take a trip to the small island of La Graciosa, characterized by peaceful rustic scenery with no paved roads.

5. El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma: Small and Charming

A small island with deep dense forests and remarkable volcanoes, La Palma is characterized by a lush natural environment. Discover many natural parks, black sand beaches, and seaside salt pans. Protected from urbanization, La Palma is the perfect island to admire the stars in high definition.

Full of surprises, La Gomera hosts the fascinating Garajonay National Park, a fantastically unique ecosystem, and Los Organos, a volcanic cliff shaped like organ pipes. An excursion to these natural parks is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in the Canary Islands.

Self-sufficient as far as renewable energy is concerned, El Hierro is the smallest island, yet it offers a multitude of contrasting landscapes. To the south, next to the village of La Restinga, you can explore one of the world’s best scuba diving areas with wonderfully impressive aquatic life.


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