8 dog-friendly beaches in Mallorca

8 dog-friendly beaches in Mallorca

Discover eight beaches in Mallorca where you and your faithful furry friend can enjoy the sea and sand this summer.

Mallorca is a dog-friendly destination with a stunning coastline and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for both owners and their four-legged companions who love the beach. In this article, we’ve listed eight of our favorite beaches in Mallorca where dogs are welcome year-round, so you can enjoy sun, sea, and sand together in any season. Discover the best dog beaches in Mallorca for an unforgettable pet-friendly summer adventure.

Es Carnatge Beach, Palma de Mallorca

Located near Palma de Mallorca airport, this beach is a protected natural area for its geological richness. It’s a cove alternating between rocky beaches and sandy shores, where you and your pooch can while away the hours. Thanks to a pilot project by the Palma municipality, dogs can access the beach year-round, run freely in designated areas, and also swim. All they ask is that you respect the environment and other visitors, in order to keep the area safe for both dogs and their owners.


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Cala Gamba, Palma de Mallorca

Not far from Es Carnatge is a small rocky beach where you can bring your dog all year round: Cala Gamba. It’s less frequented that other beaches, making it ideal for spending time by the sea in complete tranquility. Naturally, it’s important to follow some rules to respect the environment and the people around you. Additionally, some dog breeds may be required to wear a muzzle.


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Punta de Marroig, Palmanova

Palmanova is a very touristy location, and finding a beach where your pet can have fun can be challenging. Punta de Marroig caters to all dog lovers, with a pebbly and rocky cove adequately equipped to meet the needs of happy hounds. To ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, there are some rules to follow. Dogs can roam freely and off-leash only in designated areas; aggressive dogs must remain on a leash and wear a muzzle, must be microchipped, and have all necessary vaccinations.


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Cala Blanca, Andratx

Cala Blanca is a small and charming beach, wonderfully quiet and free of crowds because it’s difficult to access. Here, dogs are allowed year-round, making it the perfect place to relax and have fun with your pet. There are no services available in the cove, so it’s wise to bring everything you need and, as always, follow behavior guidelines to ensure a pleasant experience for all.


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Cala dels Gats, Costa de la Calma

This small hidden cove near Costa de la Calma, west of Palma, is not easy to find but once you do it’s a truly special place to relax by the sea with your furry friend. The beach is mainly pebbles and has a designated area for dogs to run freely. To reach the cove, look for the address Calle Bellavista 106, Costa de la Calma.


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Llenaire Beach, Port de Pollença

Llenaire Beach is a gravel beach located south of Port de Pollença. Being a bit farther from the center, it’s usually a quiet area. The dog beach, clearly marked, is near the pines, which is perfect if you’re looking for a bit of shade. Port de Pollença has also become very popular due to its numerous dog-friendly accommodations.


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Alcanada Beach, Alcúdia

This beach, just outside the port city of Alcúdia, is one of the newest dog beaches in Mallorca. It’s part of Platja d’Alcanada and is located opposite the Alcanada lighthouse. Although sunbathing on this wild beach is not possible, your dog will enjoy the water, pebbles, and shade of the pines.

Na Patana, Can Picafort

A few kilometers from Can Picafort, between Son Bauló and Son Real, is this large pristine beach where you can spend a wonderful day with your faithful friend. Na Patana dog beach consists mainly of sand and pebbles, while in the water, there are slightly larger stones. It’s surrounded by green dunes and overlooks the hills of Alcúdia bay. Your dog will love chasing waves in the shallow water.


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Note: We have done our best to gather the most up-to-date information, but keep in mind that local authorities can change rules and standards at any time. Also, always make sure to have your dog’s documents with you.

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