2 days in Paris

2 days in Paris

From the Louvre to the Musée d’Orsay, Eiffel Tower and the Tour Montparnasse, discover a 2-day itinerary in Paris that’ll help you make the most of your trip.

Who hasn’t dreamt of taking a trip to Paris? The City of Light is a sought-after destination brimming with attractions and things to do to suit every taste. World-class museums, modern architecture, panoramic towers and bohemian neighborhoods are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re in Paris this summer for the Olympic Games, but also want to see as much of the city as possible, we’ve put together the ideal itinerary for you. A classic and intense two-day plan, it covers all those iconic attractions and a little bit more.

While it’s designed to be covered entirely on foot, we’ve also included the nearest subway stations or bus stops in case you prefer to use public transport. Keep reading to discover the full itinerary and save the maps below to better organize your trip.

Paris itinerary: Day 1

paris itinerary map day 1

9:00 AM: Admire the architecture of the Centre Pompidou

Estimated visit time: 30 minutes

Subway station: Rambuteau (approx. 3 minutes on foot)

Start your trip in the center of Paris, admiring the architecture of the famous Centre Pompidou. One of Renzo Piano’s most famous international works, it was built in the 1970s. Lovers of contemporary art we’ll want to see the collection at this incredible museum, but with only two days available, admiring this wonderfully inventive building from the outside might be enough for most people.

10:00 AM: Visit the Louvre Museum

Estimated visit time: 2.5 hours

Subway station: Louvre-Rivoli (approx. 2 minutes on foot)

It’s hard to think of a more famous European museum than the Louvre. With an extensive collection ranging from ancient Egyptian artifacts to Renaissance masterpieces, a visit to the Louvre Museum could last up to a week! That’s why it’s a good idea to plan your visit in advance or join a guided tour that covers all the highlights and gives you those behind-the-scenes insights.

Among the most famous works are Leonardo da Vinci’s enigmatic Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, a sculpture from classical Greece, and Canova’s romantic Cupid and Psyche. But the section on ancient Egypt and oriental antiquities is also particularly impressive, with treasures such as the Code of Hammurabi and the Great Sphinx of Tanis.


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12:30 PM: Take a lunch break along the Seine

After a busy morning dedicated to history, art, and culture, it’s time for a short break. As you walk to the next stop along the Seine River, browse the bars and street stalls. This could be the perfect opportunity to stop at a creperie and try this French delicacy, which, in its savory version, is perfect for lunch.

2:00 PM: Explore the attractions of Île de la Cité

Estimated visit time: 2 hours

Subway station: Cité (approx. 6 minutes on foot from Notre-Dame)

This island on the Seine is the oldest settlement in the city and is home to a couple of unmissable attractions. The first is the Notre-Dame Cathedral, an architectural gem in Gothic style that was severely damaged during the 2019 fire. Unfortunately, until the end of 2024, it won’t be possible to visit the interior of the church, and the square in front of it is also inaccessible.

The other two sites worth visiting are Sainte Chapelle and the Conciergerie, once part of the Palais de la Cité, where French monarchs lived between the 10th and 14th centuries. The first is a marvelous Gothic chapel with high decorated windows that houses works of great historical and artistic value. The Conciergerie, on the other hand, is located inside the Palace of Justice and tells the story of centuries of French history. Visit these two buildings to be amazed by their beauty and to retrace the city’s history up to the French Revolution.


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4:00 PM: Stroll through the Latin Quarter

Subway station: Odéon

One of the most famous and oldest areas of Paris, Odéon has retained its original urban structure over the centuries. Historically considered a cultural district, thanks to the presence of the Sorbonne University, the area has a lively student vibe and is home to many cafes, bookshops, small shops, churches, museums and more.

Take a look at the historic Shakespeare and Company bookstore, a gathering place for intellectuals and writers in the early 20th century, including Ezra Pound and Hemingway. Then make a stop in one of the many cafes buzzing with students, and don’t forget to admire the Grand Mosque of Paris and the beautiful Gothic church of Saint-Séverin.


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5:00 PM: Enter the Pantheon

Estimated visit time: 1 hour

Bus stop: Pantheon

Wrap up your exploration of the Latin Quarter by heading to the Pantheon; but don’t delay too long as the monument closes at 6pm. Initially conceived of as a church, the Pantheon in Paris has become a mausoleum, housing the remains of intellectuals, poets, and famous figures from French history. Here, you can visit the tomb of Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, and Josephine Baker. The altar dedicated to the Convention signed during the French Revolution is also impressive.

Spend the evening in Montparnasse

Subway station: Raspail

Montparnasse is the bohemian soul of Paris where some of the greatest artists of the time settled between the two World Wars. Today, this area has changed significantly, taking on a more modern appearance, while maintaining its artistic spirit. If, after all your wandering, you still have some energy to burn, visit the Catacombs of Paris, which stay open until 8:30pm.

Otherwise, we suggest getting an evening ticket to access the panoramic observatory of the Tour Montparnasse. Here you can enjoy a unique view of the city and admire the lights illuminating the Eiffel Tower. Finally, the area itself is packed with bars, restaurants, and places to have a drink to finish off your night.

Paris Itinerary: Day 2

paris itinerary map day 2

9:30 AM: Admire the works of the Musée d’Orsay

Estimated visit time: 2 hours

Subway station: Solférino (approx. 3 minutes on foot)

For your second day in Paris, this world-famous museum is a must. The Musée d’Orsay has a more modern collection than the Louvre, focusing mainly on art from the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Some works not to be missed include Renoir’s Bal du moulin de la Galette, Van Gogh’s Starry Night Over the Rhône, and Degas’ The Absinthe Drinker. The museum is truly enormous, which is why we recommend joining a tour with a local guide to make sure you get the most out of your visit.

Lastly, the building itself is a masterpiece: the museum is housed in an old railway station with timeless charm. On the fifth floor, near the copper clock, you can also enjoy a fantastic view of the Seine and Paris.


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12:00 PM: Take in the views from the Eiffel Tower

Estimated visit time: 1.5 hours

RER station: Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel (approx. 6 minutes on foot)

The Eiffel Tower appears on every classic Paris itinerary, and for good reason. To reach it from the Musée d’Orsay, the most convenient option is to take the RER line C to Champ de Mars. From there walk along the Seine to reach the tower in just 6 minutes.

The tower is approximately 1083ft high and has three floors open to the public at heights of 187ft, 381ft and 905ft. The more athletic can reach the first two floors using the stairs, which are usually less crowded. But to save time and energy, the elevator is always the most comfortable option. Once at the top, you’ll have a spectacular view of the gardens surrounding the Eiffel Tower and the rest of the city.

1:30 PM: Stop for lunch and cruise along the Seine

Estimated visit time: 2 hours

While the banks of the Seine are perfect for pleasant walks, a cruise on the river is an excellent way to admire some of the city’s attractions from a different perspective. The Eiffel Tower, the Tuileries, the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, and Notre-Dame are just a few of the iconic attractions you’ll pass by during the tour.

And since it’s lunchtime, how about booking a lunch cruise? Or you can buy some treats on the go at one of the numerous bakeries and have lunch before boarding or while relaxing along the river.

4:00 PM: Relax at the Tuileries Garden

Subway station: Tuileries (approx. 1 minute on foot)

Paris boasts beautiful parks and green spaces where you can rest and recharge. The Jardin des Tuileries (Tuileries Garden) is a large urban park located between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde. A walk along the beautifully maintained paths, among flowerbeds, statues, and ponds, will make you forget about the city’s traffic and bustle. Sit on a bench or, if the weather is nice, lie on the grass like many Parisians.

And if you’re feeling re-energised by your park visit, you can follow it up with the famous Opera Garnier and Galeries Lafayette. Both are easy to reach and offer some high-quality shopping.

Discover Montmartre and the Moulin Rouge

Subway station: Abbesses (approx. 9 minutes on foot from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart)

Finish your two days in Paris by spending a magical evening in Montmartre. Walking through the city’s most romantic neighborhood is like being in a life-sized postcard. Cross Place du Tertre, a meeting place for street artists, climb up to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, and enjoy the illuminated cityscape. Then, take a peek inside the Café des Moulins, where the film Amélie was shot.

Finally, after dining in one of the area’s picturesque restaurants, put on your most eye-catching outfit and head to Pigalle to attend a Moulin Rouge show. A bottle of champagne, the can-can, and an atmosphere from the late 1800s, are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable night.

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