10 events happening around the world in January

10 events happening around the world in January

From India to Salzburg to Park City, Musement takes a look at ten interesting events happening around the world in January.

The new year is underway and celebrations and festivities show no sign of slowing down. Here are ten happening around the world this month.

1. January: Dubai Shopping Festival

Kicking off the day after Christmas and lasting through the entire duration of January, the Dubai Shopping Festival attracts shoppers from far and wide in search of unbeatable deals. If you’re looking for a reason to visit Dubai, January’s the perfect month—bring an empty suitcase to fill with all your purchases.

2. January 1: New Year’s Day

The start of a new beginning for many! People from all over the world participate in a variety of traditions to mark the new year while others just pass the day in good company.

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بهتر است انگور را دقیقاً پیش از مصرف بشوییم و آبکشی کنیم (زیرا اگر آن را بشوییم و داخل یخچال یا و… نگهداریم زودتر خراب می‌شود، دلیل آن پاک شدن گرد و غبار اصلی روی این محصول است) همان گرده ای که باعث تبدیل قند انگور به الکل می شود. این کار باعث نگهداری طولانی‌تر این میوه می‌گردد. و همچنین بهتر است قبل از تولید مشروب ان را دانه دانه کرده و بدون چمبه بار گزاری کرد چون چونبه باعث ایجاد الکول چوب شده و علاوه بر این که پس از مصرف باعث سر درد می شود به مرور مصرف باعث مشکلات بینایی هم میگردد. . برخی از باستان شناسان نیز بر این باورند که اولین بار شراب در ایران و در شهر شیراز توسط نوادگان ما ساخته شد که مرغوب‌ترین شراب جهان آن روز بود و اکنون هم واژه Shiraz در زبان انگلیسی به معنی شراب شیراز است. . مناطق مهم شراب سازی در ایران: قزوین در دو بخش تاکستان(عرق کشمش) و فارسجین(شراب انگور دیم کوزه ای) (پیش از انقلاب ۱۳۵۷) شیراز (پیش از انقلاب ۱۳۵۷) مراغه (پیش از انقلاب ۱۳۵۷) ارومیه (پیش از انقلاب ۱۳۵۷) شازند (پیش از انقلاب ۱۳۵۷) @angorkaran @angorkaran @angorkaran ٫ #فارسجین #شیراز #شراب _فارسجین #تاکستان #عرق_کشمش #شراب #انگور #ملایر #قزوین #باغ #ب#کشاورزی_نوین #کشاورزی #کشاورزی_مدرن #کشاورز#grapes #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #vine #vines

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3. January 4-12: Dolomites Balloon Festival, Italy

Dobbiaco, a town in the craggy limestone peaks of Northeast Italy’s Dolomite Mountains, hosts a magnificent balloon festival. Book a ski trip around the festivities and fly over the snow-coated landscape then hit the slopes.

4. January 6: The Epiphany

This holy day 12 days after Christmas commemorates the arrival of the Magi at the birth of Jesus. A national holiday in many Catholic countries, some even exchange Christmas gifts on this day as opposed to Christmas. In fact, many don’t even take down their trees until this day. Italians, Spanish, Uruguayans, Polish, Croatians and Colombians are among the celebrants.

5. January 15-26: Murten Light Festival, Switzerland

For 12 days, the old town of this charming Swiss municipality turns into a wonderland of illuminations during which public lights are switched off to let festival shine at its brightest.

6. January 19-20: La Tamborrada, San Sebastian

The Basque Country’s world-famous cuisine is not the only happening of note in San Sebastian. At midnight on January 19, thousands take to the streets for the La Tamborrada festival, a full 24 hours of wooden-barrel drum playing,

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25 hours of drumming #donostia #latamborrada

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7. January 20: Martin Luther King Day, USA

This day commemorates the Civil Rights activist is observed on the third Monday of January timed with King’s birthday, which falls is January 15.

8. January 22 – February 2: Sundance Film Festival

One of the world’s most important film festivals, the Sundance Film Festival takes place in Park City, Utah. Expect both some of the biggest names in Hollywood as well as independent filmmakers, both from America and beyond. In addition to the film screenings, people participate to attend various talks and events.

9. January 23-27: Jaipur Literature Festival, India

The largest free literature festival in the world, writers both from India and all over the world gather in Jaipur every year to celebrate, converse and learn. A must for bookworms and writers of all kinds!

10. January 23 – February 20: Mozart Week, Salzburg

The hills of Salzburg come alive with a week-long celebration dedicated to the iconic composer. Timed with his birthday (January 27), the festival draws artists from all around the world to play and listen to his music.

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