10 French dishes that you should try

10 French dishes that you should try

When visiting France, we recommend that you stop counting calories and succumb to the gastronomic delights on offer: after all, a place is best known through the palate!

With lots of cheese in all shapes and textures to enjoy, you might just roll home, but as they say: once a year doesn’t hurt. Here are 10 French dishes you should try, a selection of traditional dishes that represent the country very well. Be warned, these are not the lightest recipes, so prepare your stomach for some strong cravings!

1. Cassoulet

We start with a typical dish from the south of France, specifically from the Languedoc and Midi-Pyrénées regions. Cassoulet is a hearty stew made from pork or duck meat and white beans, very traditional in rural areas. It has become a symbol of Occitan gastronomy today, although the jury about what ingredients should be included to prepare an “authentic” cassoulet is still out among the locals.


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2. Quiche Lorraine

One of the most savory pies in the world is also very tasty and extremely easy to make, prepared with pieces of bacon and fresh cream. Originally from the Alsace region, the traditional recipe is usually served with sauerkraut. This recipe can be enriched with mushrooms, chicken, or more, and is the perfect dish to prepare in advance and take to work with you the next day or for a casual dinner with friends.


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3. Escargots

Along with frog legs, snails (or escargots, in French) are one of the least “appetizing” dishes in French gastronomy, at least for unexpecting palates. We encourage you to step out of your culinary comfort zone and experiment with new textures and flavors. Escargots à la bourguignonne, typical of the Burgundy region, are prepared with a butter-based sauce and aromatic herbs which makes them very tasty.


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4. Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse is a fish soup that was traditionally made to take advantage of leftover pieces of fish, adding tomato, aromatic herbs, mustard and other seasonings. If you visit Marseille, don’t miss this classic French dish that is finger-licking good!


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5. Tartiflette

Straight from Savoie comes the tartiflette, which is not exactly the lightest dish in the world… A gratin of potatoes, bacon, onion, cream and reblochon cheese results in an explosive and delicious combination that will give you the energy to ski the Alps for hours. Did you know that this dish was invented in the 80’s to increase the sales of reblochon cheese?


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6. Foie gras

More than a dish, foie gras is a highly valued gourmet product often found in French gastronomy. To say that it is fattened duck liver doesn’t sound particularly inviting, but that’s the reality! It comes in the form of pâté for hors d’oeuvres, but it can also be added to elaborate dishes such as cannelloni to add sumptuousness and an unmistakable touch.

7. Boeuf bourguignon

In addition to excellent wines, Burgundy offers us dishes that are the flagship of the nouvelle cuisine of the Gallic country. This is the case for boeuf bourguignon, or Burgundian beef, a hearty stew made of ox beef marinated for hours with red wine from the region. Garlic, onions, mushrooms and aromatic herbs are added to the beef to add some flavoring. It is usually served with pasta or potatoes.


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8. Galette bretonne

As its name suggests, it is a recipe originating in Brittany. Traditionally, buckwheat flour is used to make the dough, which gives it a rather dark color. Then ingredients are added to give it flavor: ham, cheese, egg… and washed down with a glass of cider! In short, a simple and quick dish that everyone likes.


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9. Raclette Savoyarde

Another typical Savoyarde winter dish is raclette. Along with fondue, it is an emblematic dish of the French Alps, ideal for recovering strength during a high calorie après-ski. The secret? Quality ingredients because the preparation is very simple. Basically, it’s all about pouring melted raclette cheese over potatoes and sausages. Do as the Savoyards do and wash it all down with a glass of good white wine.


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10. Gratin Dauphinois

Gratin dauphinois is a recipe that originated in the Grenoble area and has been adopted throughout France. Sometimes this dish of sliced potatoes au gratin with fresh cream is all you need to satisfy your stomach. The best part? Being able to customize the gratin by adding the ingredients you like the most, creating your own version.


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When visiting France, don’t forget to treat your palate to some of the finest wines in the world. Make sure to stop by the best wine regions in the country.

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