10 James Bond filming locations you can visit

10 James Bond filming locations you can visit

From Italy and Istanbul to Jamaica and Japan, 007 has certainly been around the world! In honor of the release of the latest movie on 28 September, here are 10 must-see James Bond filming locations for you to check out.

Since Ian Fleming created James Bond in 1953, the world’s most famous spy has certainly been around the globe a fair few times. From relaxing on idyllic tropical beaches to skiing down snowy mountain peaks and chasing through bustling world-class cities, James Bond has seen and done it all!

With the long awaited release of No Time to Die, the latest 007 film, we thought we’d take a look at some of the James Bond franchise’s most iconic filming locations.

Whether you’re a diehard Bond fan or simply want some inspiration for your next holiday, here are 10 incredible James Bond filming locations you won’t want to miss. Wherever will 007 get to next?!

1. London, England

As it is home to Her Majesty’s Secret Service, London features in every single Bond movie. While you may not be able to enter 10 Downing Street or MI6 headquarters, England is home to plenty of other places where you can follow in Bond’s footsteps. Over the course of his adventures, the spy ends up at the Royal Ascot, Oxford University’s Brasenose College and the National Gallery among many other locations. Uncover the most famous London locations on a James Bond inspired walking or bus tour, or why not become Bond for the day!

2. Scotland

As Bond himself has Scottish heritage, Scotland and its magnificent Highlands regularly appear in the 007 movies. While the wild and rugged Glen Coe looked absolutely astounding in Skyfall, the serene and secluded Eilean Donan Castle was just as impressive in The World Is Not Enough.

3. Istanbul

Another brilliant scene from Skyfall is the opening: Bond races across the roof of Istanbul‘s Grand Bazaar and through the souk’s narrow streets in hot pursuit of yet another baddie. Lined with a staggering array of shops, stalls, cafes, and restaurants, the Grand Bazaar is just one of the many attractions that the vibrant Istanbul has to boast of.


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4. Italy

Possibly one of the most memorable chase scenes in Bond history, 1979’s Moonraker sees 007 evade two assailants by navigating a gondola through Venice’s beautiful canals. The famous spy returns to Venice for Casino Royale but not before heading to the snowy slopes of the glitzy Cortina d’Ampezzo in For Your Eyes Only. Having popped up in Italy some 25 times or so, you could almost travel around the whole country simply following his adventures.

5. Udaipur

Yet another incredible chase scene (notice a pattern here?!) takes place through the packed streets of Udaipur in India. While the tuk-tuk chase is one of the highlights of 1983’s Octopussy, the city’s gorgeous palaces, gardens, and lakes are no less memorable.


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6. Japan

The spectacular Himeji Castle is one of the main movie locations in You Only Live Twice as Bond attends a ninja-training school before battling his way to beat the bad guys. Besides the centuries-old historic sight, visitors may also want to take a trip to see Shinmoe-dake, a majestic volcano in which the criminal mastermind Blofeld had his base.

7. Switzerland

One of the most unforgettable Bond movie openings is when Pierce Brosnan hurls himself off of the top of Verzasca Dam in Switzerland in Goldeneye. While the bungee jump scene is sure to set your heart racing, the glorious countryside and Swiss Alps are no less alluring. Whether you’re into skiing or hiking, chocolate or fondue, Switzerland always makes for a great holiday destination.


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8. Jamaica

While the new Bond movie is said to begin in Jamaica, it won’t be the first time that 007 has wound up on the dreamy tropical island. In fact, the secret agent’s first movie outing took place in Ocho Rios for 1962’s Dr No. The idyllic beach, luxury resort, and Bond Girl love interest all set the tone for one of the most successful franchises in history.


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9. Greece

A breathtakingly beautiful country, Greece has only been featured a handful of times so far in the James Bond movies. The most striking scene is when 007 scales the steep cliffs of the majestic Meteora in For Your Eyes Only to reach the secluded monastery perched atop of the distinctive rocky outcrop. Gorgeous Corfu, a popular destination for its stunning scenery and picturesque seaside towns and villages, also makes an appearance.


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10. Thailand

Another iconic James Bond filming location is Thailand’s Khao Phing Kan where, amongst the serene and secluded scenery, the villain Scaramanga built his base and dazzling hall of mirrors in The Man With The Golden Gun. With a Thai kickboxing match, luxury hotel stays and a thrilling boat chase all taking place in Bangkok, the nation’s capital is also not to be missed out on by Bond fans!

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