7 destinations you can admire virtually

7 destinations you can admire virtually

Musement takes a look at seven sights in seven destinations around the world you can visit via webcam.

Webcams give us access to the natural wonder of national parks as well as the motion of a bustling cityscape. When you can’t get to your favorite or most dreamed about cities right now, here are some landmarks you can admire virtually with a webcam.

1. Cityscape of London

From Big Ben to St. Paul’s Cathedral to Westminster Abbey, London boasts several landmarks so emblematic that the mere mention of one can immediately make one long to visit the English capital or watch a movie filmed there to hold them over. This live webcam from the top of the Shard offers a sweeping view of the timeless literary city that encompasses the storied River Thames river and some of the said landmarks.

Webcam LondonWebcam London

2. The Shibuya Scramble

One of Tokyo’s most memorable sites are the neat zebra crossings of the Shibuya Scramble, the city’s busiest intersection. This shopping and entertainment center is often likened to Times Square. Take a peek at the locale in action.

3. The Eiffel Tower

A structure that needs no introduction, the Eiffel Tower thrills Paris lovers when it cameos in a film, appears in a book or experienced in real life. This live cam keeps an eye on La Dame de Fer against the backdrop of unmistakeable Haussmannian architecture and the Sacre Coeur perched on the Montmartre hillside.

Webcam ParisWebcam Paris

4. Times Square

The Crossroads of the World! No visit to New York City is complete without dropping by Tiems Square, even if it’s just to pass through on your way to a Broadway show. Watch the action at one of the Big Apple’s hustling, bustling, and, at night, illuminated spots.

Webcam New York City, New YorkWebcam New York City, New York

5. The Obelisk of Buenos Aires

The Obelisk of Buenos Aires is one of the Argentine capital’s most iconic sites. Dating back to 1936, the Obelisk stands proud in Plaza de la República, a commemoration of the city’s 400th anniversary. This live cam from the Four Seasons Hotel offers a view of the structure jutting out of one of the city’s signature wide green boulevards.

6. Sydney Harbour

Seeing both the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge is a must when in Sydney while climbing the latter is a must for the intrepid. Go here for a view of a typical Sydney cityscape in which these two landmarks stand front and center.

7. Table Mountain

This flat mountain overlooking Cape Town is frequented by travelers who either hike their way up or hop on a cablecar. While it offers spectacular city views, Table Mountain is quite a sight to behold in and of itself. Visit here to be swept away by its beauty.

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