6 of the best films set in Paris

6 of the best films set in Paris

Here’s a look at the Paris locations found in six American blockbusters!

Each year, approximately 1,000 movies are filmed in the City of Light, making Paris an integral part of the seventh art. The emblematic locations of the streets of Paris are increasingly popular with directors of short and feature films (especially American) who want to set up their cameras. Musement guides you through the streets of Paris via six American cult films.

1. Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen

No surprise here–the title gives away the setting. Woody Allen adores the City of Light and Paris returns his affection. “Midnight in Paris” is a true ode to the city he cherishes. We see all the French capital’s most iconic locales, which may seem a little cliché like a postcard, but that’s why we love it! The quays of the Seine, the booksellers, Pont Alexandre III, the gardens of the Rodin Museum: nothing falls short in this homage to romantic, poetic Paris.

2. Inglorious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino

Although much of the action takes place in Paris portrayed at the time of the German Occupation, most of the scenes were actually shot in studios in Germany. However, one Paris locale served as a setting for the movie: Bistrot La Renaissance in the 18th. In fact, it’s made cameos in several films including “The Blood of Others” by Claude Chabrol.

3. Ocean’s Twelve, Steven Soderbergh

“Ocean’s Eleven” was shot exclusively on American soil, yet its sequel was filmed in Amsterdam, France, and Italy. If you watch “Ocean’s Twelve”, you’ll recognize the Sorbonne, the Australian Embassy and the Gare du Nord, the largest train station in Paris. You might even spot the Eiffel Tower reflected in Brad Pitt’s glasses!

4. Inception, Christopher Nolan

Paris is slightly transformed in “Inception”. The Parisian university where Dominic Cobb’s father works, for example, is, in fact, the Palais Galliera museum. The museum’s rooftop terraces serve as the setting for the famous scene where Cobb asks Ariadne to draw a labyrinth. Café Debussy is, in reality, an Italian caterer, but the Bir-Hakeim bridge and fountain on Place Georges-Mulot are both indeed very real.

5. Hugo Cabret, Martin Scorsese

This 3D animated film was filmed partly in studios and partly in Paris. The shooting took place first inside the Sorbonne, then in the Saint-Geneviève Library, and finally in the streets of the 9th arrondissement. The scenes inside the station, which were supposed to represent Gare Montparnasse, were shot in studios. On the advice of Clive Lamming, a railway historian and author of the book Paris Au Temps des Gares (Paris in the Age of the Train Stations), the station constructed in the studio was 80% inspired by the Gare du Nord.

6. Mission Impossible – Fallout, Christopher McQuarrie

After the November 2015 attacks, Christopher McQuarrie decided to shoot the sixth installment of “Mission Impossible” in Paris to pay tribute to the City of Lights, still beautiful despite all the chaos. All of the capital’s emblematic sights parade across the screen one after the other: the esplanade of Trocadero, the Arc de Triomphe, and the gardens of the Palais-Royal, among others.

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