8 tips for planning last-minute travel

8 tips for planning last-minute travel

There’s nothing quite as energizing as the spontaneity of last-minute travel. Musement shares some tips to help prevent you from stressing out as you plan.

You have a few free days ahead of you and want to take advantage of the opportunity to take a break from everyday life?! Last-minute travel is a challenge that true travelers have down to a tee. To prevent souring your desire to escape from the city, here are eight tips to keep in mind to make sure you have a successful last-minute trip.

1. Choose your destination carefully

For a last-minute trip, some destinations are more realistic than others and some are not really feasible. Avoid destinations for which visas or vaccinations are required, and choose a destination that is well suited to improvisation, where the cost of living is not too high and for which the cost of the flight will not be excessive, as pricier destinations are better planned in advance.

2. Flexibility is your best ally

Be open and ready to accept the unexpected. A last-minute trip probably means that other travelers have most likely already booked their accommodations and activities. If you are used to flying in the first two rows or sleeping in a hotel room with the most beautiful view, forget about these privileges as they usually need to be booked in advance. Keep this in mind for some of the top activities in your destination. Do you dream of taking a trip to the Cyclades or a romantic whirl on the London Eye? Be aware that the most popular destinations tend to be the most crowded. You may, therefore, need to consider traveling somewhere that you might not have previously considered.

3. Travel comparison sites, your source of inspiration

You know the (very close) dates of your trip but don’t know where to go? Do you need a little help figuring it out? Travel comparison sites can be a good source of inspiration. From flights to accommodation to all-inclusive stays, they will surely inspire you with ideas.

4. Hunt for last-minute promotions

It is not uncommon for airlines, hotels, and travel agencies to offer last-minute discounted deals. Stay tuned! There are many travel agencies that can help travelers with their last minute bookings.

5. Take the opportunity to travel solo

As we have already said, organizing last-minute travel requires flexibility and many concessions, which is already difficult to manage alone, but even more so if you’re with one or two others. And that’s without mentioning the fact that finding a travel companion is complicated in itself during normal times, but if it’s a last-minute vacation, the mission is almost impossible. So perhaps this is the perfect time be tempted by a solo trip.

6. Think of the road trip

A road trip is ideal for true adventurers, those who have mastered the art of improvisation to perfection. No plane or train tickets to book, no time constraints, no obligation to book a hotel. You are free to decide when to leave, where to go, when to stop, how long to stay. In other words, it is the ultimate realization of the last-minute trip.

7. What about the suitcase?

Even if you love to travel, packing your suitcase can always induce anxiety. But for last-minute travels, don’t panic! Keep in mind that if you have followed our advice, you are certainly not going on a safari in the far reaches of Africa or trekking in the isolated regions of Mongolia. So if you have forgotten something, you should certainly be able to find it on the spot without any problem.

8. And once you’ve arrived?

You have chosen your destination, your suitcase is ready, and your hotel is booked–so now what? Let Musement inspire you when deciding what to see and do once you’ve arrived! Feel free to download our app on iTunes or in the Google Play store so you can book last-minute activities anywhere in the world.

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