15 must see places in Slovenia

15 must see places in Slovenia

Lakes, caves, castles and nature in its purest form… discover 15 must see places in Slovenia.

Slovenia is a country full of interesting places, not only from an architectural, cultural or historical point of view, but also thanks to its natural beauty. Besides its wine regions, take a look at some of the must-see spots throughout the country, from the Ljubljana Castle to Lake Bled, passing through the mysterious Postojna Cave and the Vintgar Gorge.

1. Ljubljana Castle

This medieval castle, located on a hill in the center of the city, is one of the most known landmarks of the country. During its long history, the fortress changed ownership many times, until 1905 when it was acquired by the Ljubljana City Council. Today, it is a very popular tourist attraction and from its panoramic tower, you can enjoy spectacular views of the city from 1,315 feet up.

2. Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge, built over the Ljubljanica River, was created after the destruction of the previous bridge during an earthquake in 1895. The dragon is one of the symbols of Ljubljana and is present not only on this bridge but also on the coat of arms of the city.

3. Tivoli Park

Located in the center of Ljubljana, Tivoli Park covers an area of approximately 5 km², making it the largest park in the city. In addition to the wide variety of trees, flower beds and fountains, the park has many statues. One of the most interesting areas is the Jakopič Promenade, the open-air gallery where photography exhibitions are often organized.

4. Predjama Castle

This spectacular 13th century medieval castle, very close to the Postojna cave, can be found carved into the side of a 400-foot-high cliff. In addition to learning about its 800 years of history and the legend of the rebellious knight Erasmus, the more daring can explore the cave under the castle, open to the public from May to September.

5. Postojna Cave

Discovered in the 13th century, this karst cave is the most popular one in Europe and has 5km open to the public. An unforgettable tour will bring you through tunnels and underground areas, such as the Gothic Hall, the Congress Hall or the Russian Bridge, up until you reach the area known as “Brilliant”. Admire its spectacular white stalagmites, the symbol of this well-known tourist attraction.

6. Lake Bled

The only Slovenian island awaits us in the city of Bled, located in the middle of a lake in the Julian Alps. A short trip on a traditional boat will bring you to this iconic island. Once there, after climbing 90 steps, it is possible to visit the Church of the Assumption of Maria. Ring the bell and make a wish, as legend has it that they always come true!

7. Bled Castle

One of the best views of Lake Bled is undoubtedly from this eleventh-century castle, perched on a 425-foot-tall cliff. The sixteenth-century Gothic chapel is one of the fortress’ highlights. The castle also has an interesting museum that displays the area’s history. Visitors will have the opportunity to bottle their own wine or learn about the manual printing process during a guided tour.

8. Vintgar Gorge

Just 2 miles from Bled, the Radovna river flows between the walls of the Boršt and Hom mountains. Some of these mountains’ highest points reach over 330 feet in height. After a beautiful journey across bridges and wooden walkways, the end of the trail is capped off with the beautiful 43-foot-high Šum waterfall.

9. Triglav National Park

Slovenia’s only national park, full of forests, waterfalls and glacial lakes, gets its name from the country’s highest mountain, Triglav. Many of the most iconic places of the country are within the confines of this park, such as the Bled and Bohinj lakes, or the Kozjak, Savica and Peričnik waterfalls.

10. Peričnik Waterfall

The Peričnik waterfall, standing at 170 feet high, is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Slovenia. One of its biggest attractions is that it is possible to walk behind the waterfall, which will allow you to enjoy unique views of the valley behind the “curtain” of water.

11. Bohinj Lake

The country’s largest lake is located in the heart of the Triglav National Park. Its beauty is one of a kind that even Agatha Christie, the famous writer, once claimed it was “too beautiful for a murder”. This destination is a hotspot for those who love outdoor activities, from swimming and diving, to boat trips, canoeing or hiking, among many other options, there is plenty to choose from.

12. Tolmin Gorges

In the southern part of the Triglav National Park, we find another one of nature’s wonders: the Tolmin Gorges. Follow the marked trail and enter the spectacular gorges. Along the way, you can admire the turquoise water of the Tolminka River, cross the Devil’s Bridge or marvel at the Dante’s Grottoes or the Bear’s Head (a huge rock “stuck” in the cliffs).

13. Celje Castle

Celje, the third largest city in Slovenia, is known for its hot springs and its huge castle and is the former residence of the Counts of Celje. After touring the different rooms of the fortress, visitors can make their way over to the tower of Friderik, named after the son of Count Herman II. It is said that Friderik was imprisoned in this tower after marrying, against his father’s wishes, Veronika of Desenice.

14. Škocjan Caves

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, the Škocjan Caves are a real paradise for those interested in karst phenomena. It is a set of underground tunnels in which we can see huge stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the largest underground canyon in the world.

15. Lake Jasna

Near the village of Kranjska Gora we find Lake Jasna, which are two artificial lakes connected to each other. Its crystal-clear water and beautiful surroundings make it the perfect place for hiking.

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