October destination: Paris

October destination: Paris

‘Paris is always a good idea.’ – Audrey Hepburn…we’re with her on this one! The French capital is an open-air museum filled with surprises, a whirlwind of fun and culture.

So what makes Paris look like Paris? Good question. The entire world fantasizes about experiencing the French capital’s je ne sais quoi lifestyle firsthand, sampling the varied gastronomy and strolling through the enchanting timeless neighborhoods, all of which result in a charm that makes Paris unforgettable.

Paris is a gem, and I am reminded of its particularity everyday. I’ve lived in different neighborhoods, which let me experience all the different sides of Paris. Walking through the streets and discovering  old places never ceases to fascinate me. From the Latin Quarter to Montmartre to the Saint-Martin Canal to Luxembourg Park, Paris more than lives up to its reputation as “the most beautiful city in the world”.

Paris’s unparalleled historical, architectural and artistic heritage coupled with its atmosphere and charm will undoubtedly seduce you. Cruise along the Seine on board one of the famous “bateaux-mouches” boats, and let the city’s countless wonders amaze you. Admire the must-see Eiffel Tower, the Tuileries Garden, the D’Orsay Museum or the Hôtel de Ville (the town hall) and l’Île de la Cité on which Notre Dame Cathedral stands proudly.

Bridge by bridge is the loveliest way to discover Paris, whose motto is ‘Tossed by the waves but never sunk’.  As of 2017, the Seine’s banks are pedestrian walkways, an initiative that allows people to stroll the city sans the soundtrack of traffic!

Another perk of the French capital is its innovative gastronomic scene. Many food markets offer the perfect opportunity to sample a taste of the typical Parisian energy. The best restaurants rub shoulders with modest brasseries, bistrots, wine bars, bakeries and pastry shops. By the way, many gastronomic events are held in the city, further proof that Parisians are particularly attached to the food and pleasure that comes with passing time at the bustling outdoor cafés.

Paris is also an art lovers’ paradise, and both locals and visitors alike have a multitude of museums and exhibition spaces at their disposal. Stroll past the largest collections of the must-see Louvre and Pompidou Center as well as the Carnavalet and Grevin museums, to name a few. Others museums, less well known but equally delightful and interesting are worth a visit: Museum of the Romantics, the Museum of Fairground Arts or the magnificent Quai Branly Museum!

Whether it’s a weekend or several weeks in the company of your family, lover or friends, you’ll see firsthand how it’s impossible to experience boredom in Paris!

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