Where to travel in October

Where to travel in October

Yes, October means that summer is officially over…but that doesn’t mean that your travels have to be. Here are some ideas for where to visit this month.

The epic Colosseum in Rome to the magnificence of the Northern Lights in Iceland, Musement gives you the travel tips you need this month. Here are 5 incredible places to travel this October.

1) Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a stunning natural wonderland with a quaint and seemingly undiscovered landscape that is inspiring and breathtaking. Although seeing this amazing natural phenomenon is a chance encounter, the northern lights do start to appear this time of year. One of the many benefits of Iceland’s environment is its geothermal activity, which gives locals and travellers alike one of the 25 Wonders of the World in the form of the relaxing Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa with mystically blue warm waters provides the best protection from the cool October air, where you can also pamper yourself at the spa. Iceland also has some of the best whale watching tours as well where you can spot those glorious creatures in their natural environment and ponder your size in comparison. Finally, any Game of Thrones fans who are already growing impatient with the long wait until the final season can take a tour to discover some of the wintry filming locations. See the Wildling trails “north of the wall”, and walk the very paths trod by the White Walkers and the Night’s Watch.

The Northern Lights over Reykjavik

2) Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is vibrant seaside city that inspires travellers, artists and foodies alike, with beautiful beaches, delicious Israeli cuisines, comfortable bookworm cafes and special museums. The average October temperature is a lovely 23 degrees, a comfortable climate for browsing one of the many fascinating street markets such as Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Market known for local handmade products. From 5 – 14 October 5th, the Haifa International Film Festival will screen exciting cultural films and major events. Human Flow by Chinese Filmmaker Ai Wei Wei is a moving documentary on the modern migration of refugees and the terrible hardships they face in their quest for a better life.  This region of the world is filled historical gems such as the city of Jerusalem where you can learn why this city is considered a holy place by so many. Have you ever wanted to float in the Dead Sea? Enjoy the shocking buoyancy of this wonder and finish off your day in one of the city’s many cafes and restaurants, such as The Little Prince.

View of the Dead Sea Coastline

3) Rome

The Eternal City is lovely in October with an average daily temperature of 18 degrees. The crowds have started to disperse making it possible to explore the ancient city with a little more ease than the summer months. Many return to Rome time and again and still feel as if they haven’t seen everything.  Rome is home to Vatican City, technically the world’s smallest city-state so you can check two new countries off your list. The Vatican consists of several buildings including St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel which are worth a visit as they are home to some of the world’s most stunning art, architecture and sculptures. The epic ColosseumRoman Forum and Palatine Hill all have great historical significance in the context of ancient Rome. Stories of gladiators, political intrigue and ancient Roman secrets await you!

The Colosseum, Rome

4) Dubrovnik

This UNESCO World Heritage site is a stunning walled city dating back to the thirteenth century located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Spectacular anytime of the year, the warm October temperatures mean you won’t have to share this lovely seaside paradise with any boisterous crowds. Take a walk around the  Old Town and discover The Rector’s Palace and the Cultural History Museum, kayak through the breathtaking turquoise water along the coast, go snorkelling or exploring botanical gardens. Seafood lovers are in luck as the bounty of the Adriatic is the city’s specialty. Lastly, immerse yourself in the imaginative world of Game of Thrones by taking a walking tour to get up close and personal with King’s Landing. And speaking of Game of Thrones, here are some Instagram accounts of the show’s top shooting locations that can help fill the void until season eaight.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

5) Tenerife

For some fun in the autumn sun or for a pre-winter escape, Tenerife is the perfect vacation spot with plenty of choices for adventurous activities or for relaxing beach time. The Canary Islands are a beautiful Spanish paradise off the west coast of Africa, and in October,  visitors are spoiled with hot temperatures, clear blue waters, warm sandy beaches, snorkelling adventures and delicious Spanish food and culture. You can be emotionally moved and impressed by the passion of a live Flamenco show after you spend your day turtle watching in the sun. If you are a more active type, you can always explore the rugged wilderness of Tenerife and go trekking into the Valley of Masca where you can admire amazing views. If it’s a view you’re after, you can get the best views of all by paragliding alongside the birds and looking down at the picturesque landscapes below.

The rugged wilderness of Tenerife

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