12 spectacular Ferris wheels around the world with amazing views

12 spectacular Ferris wheels around the world with amazing views

Discover 12 spectacular Ferris wheels that have become major tourist attractions in their respective cities.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “February 14”? Probably, like most people, you think of Valentine’s Day. But did you know that in many parts of the world, Ferris Wheel Day is celebrated on the same date?

Ferris Wheel Day is celebrated on February 14, coinciding with the birthday of George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. The American engineer built the first Ferris wheel for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago. After the success of the Eiffel Tower at the Universal Exposition of 1889 in Paris, the organizers of the Chicago fair wanted to create a new attraction that would spark the same interest as the famous tower. And boy, did they do just that! The 262-foot-high, 36-cabin Ferris wheel which could accommodate 2,160 people carried around 38,000 passengers a day!

Although this first Ferris wheel was destroyed in 1906, nothing could stop the spread of George Washington Gale Ferris Jr.’s brilliant invention. Today, Ferris wheels are a must-see attraction at any fair or theme park. But not only that, they have become one of their main tourist attractions in many cities around the world.

Read on to discover 12 spectacular Ferris wheels around the world to celebrate Ferris Wheel Day.

Ain Dubai, Dubai

After it opened in 2021, the Ain Dubai became the largest and tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Located on Bluewaters Island, the new observation wheel offers unparalleled views of some of the city’s most popular attractions, such as the Burj Al Arab or Dubai Marina.

There are several types of experiences, from tickets that take you on a full rotation to enjoy the views to options that include drinks and music. It is also possible to rent a private cabin or even hold an event inside.

  • Height: 820 feet
  • No. of cabins: 48
  • Capacity: 1750 people
  • Ride time: approximately 38 minutes
  • Date opened: 2021

High Roller, Las Vegas

Standing at more than 545 feet high, the High Roller was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world until the opening of Ain Dubai in 2021. Located on the famous Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller remains the tallest in North America for the time being. Riding on the High Roller will offer some of the best views of Sin City. At night, the Ferris wheel is illuminated by more than 2,000 LED lights, a colorful spectacle!

  • Height: 550 feet
  • No. of cabins: 28
  • Capacity: 1120 people
  • Ride time: approximately 30 minutes
  • Year opened: 2014

Singapore Flyer, Singapore

Asia’s highest observation wheel is a must-see in Singapore. It is possible to see up to 25 miles into the distance from the 540-foot Ferris wheel. So, on a clear day, it is possible to even see parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. In 2020, Singapore Flyer opened the “time capsule”, an immersive and interactive experience that retraces more than 700 years of the city’s history.

  • Height: 540 feet
  • No. of cabins: 28
  • Capacity: 784 people
  • Ride time: approximately 30 minutes
  • Year opened: 2008

London Eye, London

Since opening in 2000, the famous London Eye has become the most popular paid attraction in the United Kingdom. The Ferris wheel, located on the banks of the River Thames, was the tallest in the world until 2006 when it was surpassed by the Nanchang Star. From its cabins, you can admire some of the most iconic places in London, such as the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. As if this was not enough, it is even possible to see Windsor Castle on a clear day.

  • Height: 442 feet
  • No. of cabins: 32
  • Capacity: 800 people
  • Ride time: approximately 30 minutes
  • Year opened: 2000

The Wheel at Icon Park, Orlando

This huge Ferris wheel is located in Icon Park, an entertainment complex with more than 40 restaurants and numerous attractions such as Madame Tussauds or the SEA LIFE aquarium. However, The Wheel takes the cake. At over 390 feet high, it offers a unique view of Orlando’s two famous theme parks, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, as well as spectacular views of the rest of the city.

  • Height: 400 feet
  • No. of cabins: 30
  • Capacity: 450 people
  • Ride time: Approximately 18 minutes
  • Year opened: 2015

Wiener Riesenrad, Vienna

Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel was inaugurated in 1897 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the reign of Franz Joseph of Austria. Since then, it is impossible to imagine the city’s skyline without it. Although 210 feet may seem “little” today, the truth is that it was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel for more than 60 years, until 1985. The panoramic views of the Prater (Vienna’s huge public park) and the rest of the city are incredible.

  • Height: 212 feet
  • No. of cabins: 15
  • Capacity: approximately 225 people
  • Ride time: approximately 12-15 minutes
  • Year opened: 1897

Centennial Wheel, Chicago

Chicago could not be left off the list since it was here where Ferris Jr. built the first ever Ferris wheel for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. The current Ferris wheel located at Navy Pier opened in 2016, replacing the previous one which had been in operation since 1995. The views of the Windy City and Lake Michigan are a marvel.

  • Height: 196 feet
  • No. of cabins: 42
  • Capacity: 420 peeople
  • Ride time: Approximately 13-15 minutes
  • Year opened: 2016

Skyviews Miami, Miami

Miami‘s newest attraction is located at Bayside Marketplace, a shopping and entertainment center nestled in Downtown Miami. The views of the surrounding area of the city and Biscayne Bay from the top of the Ferris wheel are breathtaking. Each cabin accommodates 8 people but those who want to enjoy a more intimate experience can opt for the VIP gondola, the only one with leather seats and a glass floor with a capacity of up to 4 people.

  • Height: 187 feet
  • No. of cabins: 42
  • Capacity: 332 people
  • Ride time: approximately 12-15 minutes
  • Year opened: 2020

Skywheel Tallinn, Tallinn

Although the Ferris wheel itself is 150 feet tall, its location allows you to enjoy phenomenal views of the city from almost 400 feet up! How is that possible you might ask? Well, the Ferris wheel is situated on the roof of a 115-foot-high shopping and entertainment center which is situated on a 130-foot-high hill! In fact, it is the second-highest observation deck in the city so get your cameras out. The views of Tallinn, the Baltic Sea and Lake Ulemiste are more than Instagrammable.

  • Height: the Ferris wheel is 150 feet tall, but due to its location it reaches nearly 400 feet above sea level.
  • No. of cabins: 27
  • Capacity: 162 people
  • Ride time: approximately 12 minutes
  • Year opened: 2019

SkyWheel Helsinki, Helsinki

Located in Katajanokka, the Helsinki Ferris wheel not only boasts breathtaking views of the main attractions of the city like the Uspenski Cathedral or the Suomenlinna Fortress, but also… one of its cabins is a sauna! Yes, yes, you read that right… a sauna! Apart from the sauna, there is also a VIP cabin (with leather seats and glass floor), for travelers who prefer to enjoy a more special experience with champagne included.

  • Height: 131 feet
  • No. of cabins: 30
  • Capacity: approximately 178 people
  • Ride time: approximately 12 minutes
  • Year opened: 2014

Pacific Wheel, Santa Monica

Southern California’s iconic amusement park, Pacific Park, is situated on the Santa Monica Pier. The amusement park’s location and its iconic Ferris wheel make it one of the most Instagrammable places in Los Angeles. In addition to offering splendid views of the Californian coast from almost 130 feet up, this Ferris wheel is the only one in the world that runs on solar energy.

  • Height: 85 feet
  • No. of gondolas: 20
  • Capacity: 600 people per hour
  • Year opened: 2008

Giradabo, Barcelona

Giradabo is located at Tibidabo, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Designed by architect Dani Freixas, the colorful Ferris wheel is located about 1,640 feet above sea level. The panoramic wheel and the other two main attractions (the Avio airplane and the Talaia) offer spectacular views of Barcelona and its surroundings.

  • Height: 65 feet
  • No. of gondolas: 16
  • Capacity: 750 people per hour
  • Year opened: 2014

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