10 of the most beautiful beaches in Curaçao

10 of the most beautiful beaches in Curaçao

A true paradise for sun lovers and snorkelers: discover ten of the most beautiful beaches of Curaçao that you should not miss during a vacation on the island.

The tropical island of Curaçao has everything for a complete vacation. Clear blue water as far as the eye can see, beautiful nature in the Christoffel Park, and cultural attractions in the colorful Willemstad. The tropical climate with its consistent temperatures also makes this island an ideal year-round destination. Although from October to December, it might be best to take an umbrella just to be sure.

The real gems of the island are of course its beaches. From ideal beaches for families to snorkeling spots and a more rugged coast, this Caribbean island has it all. Discover ten of the most beautiful beaches in Curaçao below and start dreaming.

1. Playa Kalki

This beautiful beach is located on the western side of the island, close to the town of Westpunt. The beach is surrounded by limestone cliffs. Clear blue waters and a diverse underwater world make it an ideal place for snorkeling and diving. You will also find a diving school, a snack bar, rows of beach chairs and free parking. A steep staircase will bring you from the parking lot down to the beach.


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2. Grote Knip (Playa Abou)

A little less than two miles south of Playa Kalki, lies Grote Knip beach, also known as Playa Abou (beach in a valley). The beach is in fact a cove surrounded by rocks on both sides. Grote Knip is probably one of the most photographed beaches, and certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Curaçao. Besides a toilet and a bar, there are not many facilities, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s one of the best beaches in Curaçao. It is also the beginning of a coral reef, ideal for snorkelers.

Landhuis Knip, the original building of the former plantation Knip, is located to the east of the beach. It now houses a museum where you can learn about the history of slavery and the role plantation Knip played in it.

3. Kleine Knip (Playa Kenapa Chiki)

If you want to mingle with the locals, head to the Kleine Knip, or Playa Kenapa Chiki as it’s known locally. Like its big brother, Grote Knip, this beach is located in a bay surrounded by rocks. The white beach and calm turquoise waters also make this place an excellent snorkeling location. It does have a small restaurant and some trees to provide shade, but relatively speaking, there are few facilities. So be sure to bring your own food and drinks when you come. Thanks to the mix of locals and tourists, there is always a relaxed atmosphere.


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4. Playa Forti (Playa Westpunt)

This beach may not be as white as the previous ones but is still definitely worth a visit. It is best known for the cliffs along the beach where many young people partake in cliff jumping into the water. If you are not such a daredevil, then it is a spectacle to watch from a distance. We recommend that you wear good sandals or water shoes here; the beach consists mainly of pebbles. At Playa Forti you will also find several restaurants where you can have lunch or dinner with a beautiful view.

5. Playa Porto Marie

When you think of a Caribbean beach, the picture of Porto Marie is probably the closest thing that comes to mind. It is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Curaçao, you can relax on the white sand, snorkel in the turquoise water and relax with live music in the background. Since the beach is part of Plantation Porto Mari, you must pay to access the beach, but you get excellent facilities in return. It’s usually pretty quiet so you can enjoy the beautiful views in peace.

6. Daaibooi Beach

A bit south of Porto Marie we find Daaibooi Beach. The water is very calm and shallow, so it is the ideal place for families with small children and snorkelers. Daaibooi is relatively unknown and not very big, which attracts mainly the locals. But on the weekend, the beach can draw quite the crowd. There are several bars, and you can rent some sunbeds and umbrellas as well.

This beach also has an interesting piece of history, of which some traces are still visible. In the past, small ships with slaves came here to get salt to bring to Willemstad, from where it was transported to Europe on large ships. You can still find parts of a fortress wall from this period. In addition, the area was protected by American soldiers against possible German attacks during the Second World War.

7. Jan Thiel Baai

If you’re in need of some luxury, Jan Thiel Bay is the place to be. This beach, south of Willemstad, has all the facilities you could wish for. Beautiful lounge beds, pools, umbrellas, restaurants and bars. There are also water sports activities, making it easy to spend the whole day here. It can get quite crowded, but it is definitely something you want to experience during your vacation on Curaçao. You can also admire the sunset here, something that is not possible on all beaches on the island.


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8. Playa Piskado

As the name Piskado suggests, this beach in the north of Curaçao is best known for the fishermen who come here. It is especially popular among divers and snorkelers and for good reason. If you are lucky, you can swim among the sea turtles here. The turtles are attracted to the waste that the fishermen throw back into the sea when cleaning fish. Not only can you watch the fishermen at work, but you can also catch your own fresh fish.


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9. Klein Curaçao

Although it is actually a different island, Klein Curaçao certainly belongs on the list of most beautiful beaches of Curaçao. Just over seven miles from the main island, this uninhabited island can be reached by boat or catamaran. A visit to Klein Curaçao is all about relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming. You can also look for a bit of history at the dilapidated lighthouse and the shipwrecks that line several beaches.

10. Playa Kanoa

This is the only beach on the northeast coast of Curaçao on this list and it is not necessarily known for its tropical and relaxing atmosphere. This beach is very popular among surfers. The rugged coastline and strong winds provide ideal conditions for wave and kite surfers. If you are not a surfer yourself, have a drink at the bar and watch the spectacle.


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