10 of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca

10 of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca

From secluded bays to impressive cliffs and lovely family beaches, discover ten of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca.

A favourite holiday destination for many, Mallorca has picturesque villages, beautiful nature, delicious food and an exciting capital city. But the island is especially loved for its pleasant climate and abundance of beautiful beaches.

Are you jetting off to this wonderful island soon? Are you a seasoned Balearic Island lover looking for new beach inspiration? Or has it been on your bucket list for years, but you just haven’t had the chance to go yet? Read on to discover ten of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca:

1. Cala Sa Nau

In the southeast, between Portopetro and Portocolom, we find Cala Sa Nau. The cove is at the end of a 300-metre sea meander, which is shaped like the letter Z. Due to this special shape, the cala is well protected from the wind. Surrounded by Mediterranean pine forests, the white sands and crystal-clear water provide a tranquil spot to relax. The beach can be easily reached by car and there are also many hiking trails which lead along the coastline to Portocolom and Cala D’Or.

2. Sant Elm beach

This beautiful beach, also known as Es Geparut, is located in south-west Mallorca, eight kilometres from Andratx. It is the longest beach in Andratx and consists of two parts. The sandy Blue Flag beach is the most popular part and has excellent facilities including showers, sunbeds, parking and plenty of restaurants nearby. Sant Elm Petit, the smaller beach, consists mainly of pebbles making it a little quieter. Experienced swimmers can swim to Pantaleu Island, which lies opposite the beach.

3. Son Serra de Marina

In the north-east of the island, 11 kilometres from Can Picafort, lies the unspoilt Son Serra de Marina beach. Due to its unspoilt appearance and natural ecosystem of sand, rocks and dunes, the locals call it “El último paraíso” (the last paradise). This beach, in the bay of Alcúdia, does not have many facilities which is why it lacks mass tourism. But that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

4. Cala Varques

Among the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, Cala Varques should not be missed. Unfortunately, the bay is not as exclusive as it was a few years ago when it was relatively unknown, and you do have to walk a bit to get to it, but the beach is certainly worth it. The best way to get there is the 7-kilometre walking route from Cala Romántica. The walk takes about an hour, and we strongly recommend you wear good shoes instead of flip flops. But once there, you will be able to relax in the crystal-clear water and white sands. Don’t forget to admire the famous natural arch between Cala Falco and Es Calo Blanc.

5. Es Trenc

Es Trenc is near the town of Sa Ràpita in the south of the island. The town is a nice place to soak up some culture and spend a few hours shopping, but the main attraction is the beach. Es Trenc is one of the most famous, most beautiful and most recommended beaches in Mallorca. Of course, this means that it can get quite busy. The beach is about three kilometres long and is a wonderful place for walking, but also for sunbathing and snorkelling in the clear water. And if you come later in the day, make sure you stay for the breath-taking sunset.

6. Calo des Moro

This cove is hidden between the cliffs in the south-east of Mallorca, six kilometres from Santanyí. Although it is quite difficult to get to, the beach has become extremely popular in the past year. The beach is only 40 metres wide, which means it fills up quite quickly, but that doesn’t stop most people from admiring this beautiful piece of nature. The sea stretches between the steep cliffs and the bay is surrounded by pine trees and bushes. Since the road is not easy to follow and there are no facilities, visiting this beach is not suitable for everyone. But if you like adventure and want to see one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, then Calo des Moro is for you.

7. Cala Llombards

This beautiful cove is not far from Calo des Moro, only ten kilometres from Santanyí and close to the village of Es Llombards. The beach here is only 55 metres wide, but it extends towards the pine trees for almost 150 metres. Waves are virtually non-existent here, so it is the perfect place for snorkelling and swimming with small children. You can also hire parasols and sunbeds and there are some showers available. Although there is a beach bar for drinks, if you plan to stay for a long time, we recommend that you bring your own food and drinks.

8. Cala Mondrago

Cala Mondrago is one of the best Blue Flag beaches on the island. This is partly because it was declared a natural park in 1992 which protects the area from development and mass tourism. On the beach you can rent sunbeds and there are some beach bars, but there are no showers or water sports activities. This beach hidden among the pine trees is ideal for the whole family.

9. Sa Calobra

In the north-east of the island, there is a beach that should be on the list of places to go for sunbathers, cyclists and driving enthusiasts alike. The beach itself is situated between two steep cliffs, which makes the surroundings spectacular. The road to get there is not easy, but if you like twists and turns on a narrow road, then this is your route. The out-and-back cycle route to Sa Calobra is also one of the most iconic in the world and a challenge even for the experienced cyclist.

10. Playa de Muro

In the north-east, close to Port d’Alcúdia we find one of the biggest beaches in Mallorca: Playa de Muro. This white sand beach consists of four parts and is almost six kilometres long. The beach is easily accessed, and has restaurants, facilities and activities available which make it especially popular with families. However, its location in the Bay of Alcúdia also allows for quite a lot of wind, making it a popular spot for wind and kite surfers. Three of the four sections of the beach have been awarded the Blue Flag and it is one of the cleanest beaches on the island.

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