Typical foods to try in Mallorca

Typical foods to try in Mallorca

A favourite holiday destination for manyMallorca (or Majorca as it’s known to the British), is an island which offers fantastic beaches, romantic villages, impressive mountains and culinary treasures. Similar to Spanish cuisineMallorquin cuisine is varied, rich and deeply rooted in tradition. 

Typical dishes of this popular Balearic island are also influenced by the different cultures that have shaped the island throughout the course of its history resulting in a diverse food scene. From the famous Ensaïmadas to Pa’ amb Oli, discover these Mallorquin specialiaties to try on your next trip to Mallorca:


Pa’ amb Oli 

Mallorquin-style sandwiches. Pa’ amb Oli (bread with oil) is one of the most authentic dishes on the Balearic island. Bread is cut into slices and toasted, juicy tomatoes are then grated against the rough toast before being drizzled with local olive oil and seasoned with a pinch of sea salt. This base can then be topped with various sausage or cheese specialities.

Coca de Trampó 

Coca de Trampó looks like a pizza without the cheese and can be found in every traditional bakery on the island. The tasty vegetable snack is available in various styles. Onions and colourful peppers are the most common topping. 


It may look like a perfectly normal white bread roll, but when prepared properly it tastes like heaven! The roll comes in a wide variety of styles. Cheese and ham is a classic choice, otry it with fried squid rings, fried chicken, anchovies or many other creative delicacies. 


This air-dried, spreadable raw sausage owes its characteristic colour to the paprika, as colouring agents are not allowed in this dish. Other basic ingredients of sobrasada are pork, bacon, salt and spices. The sausage tastes best on Quelitas – small salty crackers that are made in Mallorca. 

Main Courses 

Firto Mallorquin 

The recipe for this Mallorquin delicacy dates back to the 14th century. Traditionally, Frito Mallorquin is made with meat and offalpotatoes, onions, tomatoes and peppers, before it is seasoned with salt, chilli, pepper, garlic fennel and bay leaf.  


Tumbet is the epitome of Mediterranean cuisine and the perfect choice for vegetarians looking to try a typical Mallorquin dish. Potatoes, aubergines, courgettes and peppers are cut into slices, fried individually and placed on top of each other. Tomato sauce is then poured over the whole thing and put back into the oven. 

Arròs brut 

Translated directlyArròs brut or Arroz brut means “dirty rice”. But thankfully this filling dish gets its name from the very cloudy broth and dark rice, which is achieved with tomatoes and saffron. The basic ingredients of Arròs brut are rice, meat, vegetables and various spices. 

Sopa Mallorquina 

Sopa Mallorquina is a warming stew that is prepared in a typical Mallorquin ceramic bowl. The broth is made of vegetables; usually onion and peppers and garnished with slices of bread. The perfect dish to enjoy on a chilly winter day.  



This sweet pastry is one of the most popular Mallorquin specialties, both with locals and tourists. The sugar powdered rolls come in different sizes and with different fillings. You will find the ensaïmadas de Mallorca in every bakery on the island, but you may struggle to find them out with the Balearics as they have European protected geographical indication status.

Coca de Patata 

If you visit the romantic mountain village of Valldemossa in the Serra de Tramuntana, take a break in one of the many cafes in the village and try a coca de patata. The sweet potato cakes taste best with a “Cafe con leche” (milk coffee) or hot chocolate. 

Gató Mallorquin / Mallorquin almond cake 

The result when French and Mallorquin cuisines meet? A fluffy, juicy, almond sponge cake! Its name is derived from the French word “gâteau” (cake) and dates back to the 17th century. This Mallorquin almond cake is usually served with a scoop of almond ice cream in summer and with a cup of hot chocolate in winter. 

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