Where to play golf in Morocco

Where to play golf in Morocco

Morocco is just as famous for its golf as it is for its medinas. Here’s a look at where to play golf in Morocco.

If you think about it, it is not that obvious that Morocco is one of the world’s top destinations for golf lovers, as well as for those who simply want to visit an amazing country. Yet this country, dominated by the vastness and silence of the desert, boasts of beautiful golf courses, immersed in a breathtaking landscape, suitable for all different levels of difficulty. Don’t forget to listen: If you keep silent, you can hear the sound of the drive shot that starts your round.

1. Find the right swing at the foothills of Mount Atlas

When you enter the Marrakech Royal Golf Club and cross the green of this historic location, you can still feel the smell of Winston Churchill’s cigar or hear Eisenhower speaking; you’ll walk in the footsteps of these historic figures who loved to relax while searching for the right swing in this 1920s golf course. And on top of that, while you are choosing the right club for the winning shot, you’ll be surrounded by lush vegetation dotted with olive trees, palm trees, orange trees and apricot trees, and you will be able to admire breathtaking views of the towering peaks of the Atlas.

2. Ancient and modern fairways

There are two golf clubs near Marrakesh, both “younger” than the others. The Amekis Club, named after a Berber tribal queen, has a complex, well-plotted course again surrounded by a spectacular landscape. The Palm Golf Marrakech Ourika, on the other hand, is characterized by carefully designed fairways, immersed in a splendid landscape that all golfers appreciate.

3. Tangier’s magic and “British style”

It is impossible not to be captivated by Tangier‘s magic. “No one here is what they seem to be,” wrote William Burroughs, who must have certainly trod the green of what is considered the finest golf course in Morocco, the Royal Golf of Tangier. Despite the numerous refurbishments over the years, this course preserves the spirit created by its British designers back in 1914. Imagine a green landscape, the scent of pine and eucalyptus trees and a breathtaking view. What more could you hope for?

If you’re going to Morocco, don’t forget to pack your golf clubs!

4. Ball in hole under the Rif Massif

We like to think that a Scotsman like Sean Connery enjoyed playing a few holes on the greens of the Cabo Negro Royal Golf while shooting ‘The Wind and the Lion’ – in which he played el-Raisuli, the Magnificent Lord of the Rif. This course is located next to the Rif Massif and behind the town of Tetouan. Well, if Connery missed out on the opportunity, you shouldn’t.

5. A hole-in-one while enjoying the ocean breeze

What golfer doesn’t dream of a hole-in-one? And if the feat is witnessed by the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean and sweetened by the intense fragrance of eucalyptus trees, we might think it’s just a dream. But it’s not: This golfing paradise is called the Dunes Golf, a three-route course with different difficulty levels, and therefore also suitable for less experienced players. The Souss Massa National Park is not too far -a must-see location after a great golfing day.

6. Play amidst Roman papyri and columns, or by the sea

Playing golf on a course where mimosas coexist with ancient Roman columns and papyri is a magical experience is the norm at Royal Golf Dar Es Salam. It’s no coincidence that this is the place where the prestigious Hassan II Trophy is held every year. If you want to experience the thrill of playing just a stone’s throw away from the sea, the Mazagan Golf Club is a must: Perfect greens with the second group of nine holes stretching along the ocean.

The golf ball running on the fairway, the scent of eucalyptus trees, the ocean breeze, the grandeur of the mountain ranges, the colors and flavors of an ancient culture: Playing golf in Morocco is an absolutely unforgettable experience.

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