6 of the best restaurants in Mexico City

6 of the best restaurants in Mexico City

Mexico City is a gastronomic paradise! Here’s a look at six of the city’s best restaurants.

Mexican cuisine has found a new life in recent years thanks to a generation of talented and innovative chefs. Here, we zoom in on six restaurants that are really shaking up the gastronomic scene in Mexico City. ¡Buen provecho!

1. Pujol

One of the most iconic Mexican chefs is undoubtedly Enrique Olvera, who opened El Pujol in 2000. In fact, René Redzépi, chef of the famous Noma in Copenhagen, likes to call Enqique “the crown jewel of Mexico”. Young prodigy Olvera created this restaurant aged only 24 with the idea of shaking up traditional cuisine and reinventing it. And it’s been a huge success! Wild plants, steaming squash, mayonnaise flavored with coffee and ant powder, or the lamb with avocado sauce are experiences not to be missed! (Calle Francisco Petrarca 254, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco; +52 (55) 5294 6236; website)

One of the many innovative delights by chef Enrique Olvera at Pujol restaurant in Mexico City

2. Rosetta

Elena Reygadas is another name to remember. Head chef of Rosetta, she was voted best female chef in Latin America in 2014 by Veuve Cliquot. Embodying the culinary revival via a mix of influences, her cuisine follows the Italian model of homemade pasta like orrichiette with tuna and chili. Her recipes are designed to be enjoyed in the extraordinary setting of a nineteenth-century mansion in the Roma district. Passionate about bread, Elena has also opened two bakeries that now supply the largest institutions in the capital. (Calle Colima, 166, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Col. Roma Norte; +52 55 5533 7804; website)

3. Quintonil

In the select and upscale neighborhood of Polanco, Chief Jorge Vallero Alejandra Flores and his wife chose to open what has become one of the main pillars of high-quality Mexican gastronomy: Quintonil. From appetizers to desserts, Quintonil loves to surprise and delight its guests with colorful modern dishes. The restaurant even has its own vegetable garden, where the herbs, fruits, and vegetables are sourced. With a fine cuisine full of sun, Quintonil invites guests to a sophisticated and relaxed dining experience. Their philosophy? A customer who enters leaves as a friend. (Newton No. 55, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco, México; +52 55 5280 1660; website)

4. Fonda Fina

When it’s not in the gourmet restaurants, the best of Mexican cuisine can be found in the traditional places known as fondas. These offer typical family cuisine without elaboration but always with top quality ingredients. Near the trendy Condensa quarter, Fonda Fina awaits you with some lovely culinary surprises in a warm setting inspired by Mexican folklore. With a menu designed by Quintonil’s chef Jorge Vallero, and with Juan Cabrera – formerly of Pujol – giving orders in the kitchen, Fonda Fina takes you through the country’s delicious treasures with magic and audacity. A place not to be missed! (79 Medellin, Nte Roma, 06700; + 52 55 5208 3925 website)

5. Yuban

The cuisine of the city of Oaxaca is a must-eat during your stay in Mexico. Don’t worry if you don’t have the opportunity to go there – this elegant restaurant in the Roma district will show you the best of that state. Indeed, Yuban is the ideal place to discover the famous mole, including the seven versions found in Oaxaca. A sauce mixing many ingredients including cocoa and chili, mole is a traditional Mexican dish and a culinary experience to be tried for sure. Another advantage of Yuban is the wide range of mezcal, a popular alcoholic drink made from agave. Enjoy your meal! (Calle Colima 268, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Nte, 06700; +52 55 6387 0358; website)

6. Biko

Neither Mexican nor completely totally Basque, Biko cuisine likes to confuse. Weaving tasty ties between Mexico and Spain, the two Basque chefs Bruno Oteiza and Mikel Alonso (‘Biko’ means ‘two’ in Basque) create a mixed cuisine that has quickly found its audience. Influenced by the molecular gastronomy of Ferran Adrià, the chefs offer their guests unexpected flavors and textures. In a bright and minimalist decor, you’ll discover a superb example of ‘techno-emotional’ cuisine! (Plaza Zentro, Presidente Masaryk 407, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco; + 52 55 5282 2064; website)

Photo: Biko

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