6 things to know about the Louvre Abu Dhabi

6 things to know about the Louvre Abu Dhabi

One of the world’s most highly anticipated museums opens on 11 November. Musement shares 6 things you didn’t know about the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

After five years of delays, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will open its doors to the public on 11 November. Arguably the world’s most anticipated museum opening, the Abu Dhabi museum will house the Middle East’s–and one of the world’s–most prestigious art collections.

2019 update: Time is closing in on the Roads of Arabia exhibit showcasing artifacts from Saudi Arabia which wraps on February 16. Rembrandt, Vermeer, and the Dutch Golden Age kicks off on 14 February and concludes on 14 May. Curated by Tara Yeager-Crasselt of The Leiden Collection in New York and Blaise Ducos, chief curator of 17th- and 18th-century Dutch and Flemish paintings at the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the exhibit will showcase works from the titular artists as well as Jan Lievens, Ferdinand Bol, Carel Fabritius and Gerrit Dou. Of the 95 artworks on display, 15 were signed by Rembrandt. If you’re in town, don’t miss it!

And without further ado, here are six things to know about the Louvre Abu Dhabi:

1. Iconic Design

The Louvre Abu Dhabi, located within 55 white buildings on Saadiyat Island, was designed by world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel. “I always wanted the place to be more of a neighborhood than a building, “ Nouvel told Art News. “I began with interconnected blocks of differing proportions inspired by white Arab cities – the medina.”

While the design as a whole is outstanding, the dome steals the show. Layers of 8,000 geometric stars comprise the 180-meter-diameter object, through which sunlight in the shape of stars pours to shine on the museum patrons. Weighing 7,500 tons, the dome is heavier than the Eiffel Tower!

2. A joint venture ten years in the making

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has been in the works for ten years. This joint venture between the governments of the United Arab Emirates and France allows the UAE use the Louvre name for 30 years. More than 600 artworks will be on display, with 300 rotating works that are part of the four annual temporary exhibits. The latter will be organized by 13 French museum partners such as the Louvre, d’Orsay, Quai Branly, Rodin Museum, Versailles and more.

تعرض قاعات متحف اللوفر أبوظبي أكثر من 600 عمل فني، تروي قصصاً من مختلف الحقب التاريخية التي مرت بها البشرية وصولاً إلى الوقت الحاضر، وذلك عبر 23 معرضاً دائماً وضمن 12 قاعة عرض تقدم كل منها سرداً روائياً عن تاريخ البشرية والإرث الثقافي المشترك. #اللوفر_أبوظبي #مقتنيات #معارض #متحف #في_أبوظبي A growing collection of more than 600 artworks from different cultures, Louvre Abu Dhabi’s permanent collection spans millennia, mediums and civilisations, emphasising exchange and shared human experience. The museum trail through 23 galleries covers 12 sequences beginning with prehistory, the birth of civilisations and the first great empires. #LouvreAbuDhabi #Collection #Gallery #Museum #InAbuDhabi

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3. The Arab world’s first universal museum

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is the Arab world’s first universal museum and is curated to recount the history of humanity, from the prehistoric eras until  today through 600 artworks and artifacts from all over the world. The museum’s 23 galleries will be divided into the following 12 sequences that focus on the common themes and connection found throughout humanity: The First Villages; The First Great Powers; Civilizations and Empires;  Universal Religions; Asian Trade Routes; From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic;  The World in Perspective; The Magnificence of the Court; A New Art of Living; A Modern World?; Challenging Modernity and A Global Stage.

يُعتبر هذا الطبق التركي من ضمن المجموعة الفنيّة التي سيضمّها متحف اللوفر أبوظبي، مجسّداً تنوع خيرات الطبيعة. وقد تمّ تصميمه خلال الحقبة العثمانيّة، إذ كانت زراعة الحدائق إحدى الأنشطة المُفضّلة لدى السلاطنة، ممّا أدى إلى ظهور العديد من زهور التوليب في إسطنبول This Turkish Iznik plate is part of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s collection and represents the diverse offering of our Mother Earth. When this plate was produced, gardening was one of the favourite pastimes of Ottoman sultans and millions of tulips were cultivated in Istanbul. Plate with four flowers, "Iznik", Turkey, c. 1575, © Louvre Abu Dhabi – APF #LouvreAbuDhabi #InternationalMotherEarthDay

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4.  Outstanding artwork

Among the hundreds of the outstanding new artworks acquired by the curators, permanent works include Pablo Picasso’s Portrait of a Lady;  René Magritte’s The Subjugated Reader;  a sixteenth century large dish with lotus and saz leaves from Iznik, Turkey and an Iranian bracelet with lion heads dating back to eight to seventh century b.c. Additional standouts from the collection include the following:

  • Hippopotamus, Egyptian (1850 BCE)
  • Pair of Namban six-fold screens, early seventeenth century, Portuguese
  • Vase with Lajvardina decoration, Iran, late twelfth to early fourteenth century
  • Bindu by Syed Haider Raza, 1986
  • Minai’i bowl, Kashan (Iran) 1170 – 1120 CE
  • Bronze oba head from the Kingdom of Benin (currently Nigeria), first half of the nineteenth century

There is, however, plenty more where these came from!

French Impressionist painter Gustave Caillebotte was born #OnThisDay in 1848. His painting, ‘A Game of Bezique’ is one of the masterpieces of #LouvreAbuDhabi’s permanent collection and is currently on loan to @ngadc, Washington. #Impressionist #Impressionism #Caillebotte © Louvre Abu Dhabi – APF ولد #في_مثل_هذا_اليوم الفنان الفرنسي الانطباعي غوستاف كايبوت عام 1848. تعتبر لعبة "بيزيك" من التحف الفنية المميزة ضمن مجموعة متحف #اللوفر_أبوظبي الدائمة وقد تم إعارتها مؤخراً إلى المتحف الوطني للفنون في واشنطن. #انطباعي #فن_الانطباعية

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5. Artworks by veritable masters will be on loan for the opening

As part of the said agreement with the 13 French museums, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will open with some of the world’s finest masterpieces on display, including Leonardo da Vinci’s La belle ferronnière; Van Gogh’s Self Portrait and Edouard Manet’s The Fife Player both from the d’Orsay; Henri Matisse’s Still Life with Magnolia from the Pompidou Center and Rodin’s Baccus in the Vat from the artist’s namesake museum. These will all be alongside works on loan from Bibliotheque National, Quai Branley, Musee Giumet, National Archaeological Museum;  Musee de Cluny; Fontainebleau, National Ceramics Museum- Sevres, Musee des Arts Decoratifs and Versailles.

نحتفل اليوم بيوم ميلاد ليوناردو دافينشي. تعد لوحة امرأة مجهولة (حوالي 1495) للرسام والفنان والعالم الإيطالي ليوناردو دافنشي، والتي تُعرف أيضاً باسم "جميلة الحداد" أحد الأعمال الفنية المُعارة من متحف اللوفر باريس التي تكمّل مقتنيات متحف اللوفر أبوظبي وتضفي بعداً إضافياً على الرؤية السردية للمتحف. #ليوناردو_دافنشي #يوم_ميلاد #اللوفر_أبوظبي Today we celebrate the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci’s Portrait of an Unknown Woman (circa 1495), also known as La Belle Ferronnière, is a loan from @MuseeLouvre to complement the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s growing collection and universal narrative. #LeonardodaVinci #Birthday #LouvreAbudhabi © Musée du Louvre, dist. RMN / Angèle Dequier

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6. Fun for the whole family!

The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Children’s Museum is a two-story facility with temporary exhibitions and workshops that are fun for families, and that introduce 6- to 12 year-olds to art world fundamentals. In addition, an auditorium with 271 seats will host theater, contemporary dance and live music performances as well as lectures and films. And of course, there is a restaurant on premises, too.

Join us today at 17:30 or Saturday 30 of May for Family Art Workshops to enjoy a creative experience with the freedom of space to paint in motion. Create your own painting by using your body movement, celebrating the fun style of American artist Cy Twombly! Please call Manarat Al Saadiyat on +97126575800 or email to make a workshop reservation. The workshops incur a fee of 50 AED per person. #DiscoverLAD #Family #Workshop #ArtWorkshop #InAbuDhabi #AbuDhabi #Art #Saadiyat #ManaratAlSaadiyat #CyTwombly انضم إلينا اليوم في الساعة 17:30 أو يوم السبت 30 مايو لحضور ورش عمل فنية مخصصة للعائلات واستمتع بتجربة إبداعية تحصل من خلالها على مساحة حرة للرسم. قم برسم لوحتك عن طريق استخدام حركة جسمك، واحتفي بالأسلوب الممتع للفنان الأمريكي سي تومبلي! يرجى الاتصال بمنارة السعديات على الرقم +97126575800 أو إرسال رسالة على البريد الإلكتروني لتسجيل الحضور. تتطلب ورش العمل رسوماً تبلغ 50 درهماً للشخص الواحد. #اكتشف_اللوفر_أبوظبي #سي_تومبلي #ورشة_عمل_فنية #منارة_السعديات #عائلة #ورش_عمل #في_أبوظبي #أبوظبي #فن #السعديات

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