An insider’s guide to the Fez Medina

An insider’s guide to the Fez Medina

A local takes us inside the Fez medina sharing all the must-visit stops.

Located in the historic heart of Fez, the old Medina has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1981.

It is one of the most famous medinas in Morocco, organized by districts, it’s narrow alleys are atypical and take you back to the glorious story of our ancestors. You can visit many souks and see craftsmen naturally regroup by profession and work on open spaces. Though, keep in mind that most of the souks and cafes in the Fez medina are closed on Friday.

1. Mosaic & Pottery Cooperative

Unmissable in Fez: The pottery cooperative, where you can discover all stages of the manufacture of pottery, tables, fountains, dishes, etc. The cooperative, located outside Fez allows to see the meticulous realization of zellige panels.

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2. The Al-Qarawiyyin and Andalusian Mosques

There are approximately 350 mosques in Fez’s medina, spread among the different districts. Two mosques recall the creation of the Fez itself as well as the practice of Islam in themedina: the Al-Qarawiyyin and Andalusian mosques. They were built by the Kairouans of the time and the Andalusians of the other.

3. Place Nejjarine

Famous for the furniture and objects made of cedar wood, Place Nejjarine is near the museum of wood crafts.

4. El Attarine Souk: The spices street

The numerous stalls of food, spices, woven products and fresh fruit stalls on this lively market street will amaze you. PIck up some Moroccan spices to bring home and add some flair to your cooking. You can also get some traditional beauty products that can be used for body scrubs like El Ghassoul (Moroccan clay). Also, be prepared to haggle.

5. Souk Mejjadliene

This is the market for traditional leather belts and carpets.

6. The henna souk

The henna souk, one of the medina’s oldest markets, is definitely worth a visit. A hospital for stood for years on this site, and vendors would gather nearby to sell henna and pharmaceuticals. It is currently a souk where you can buy cosmetics, dyes and natural dyes as well as henna for hair as well as for the hands, khol to blacken your eyes and black soap.

7. Bab boujloud

Place Boujloud is Fez’s main square. During lively evenings such as the Festival of sacred music, the square is decorated with colors and sumptuous lights. Boujloud was livened up a few years ago in a similar fashion to Jemaa el fna in Marrakech, with snake charmers, street entertainment and entertainment to entertain visitors.

8. Serrajine

The famous babouches market of the Fez medina, where you can find a large choice of colorful slippers.

9. Souk Jeld: Leather Souk

At this leather products market, you can buy wallets, poufs, shoes, sandals and traditional bags, made from leather of the city’s iconic tannery.

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10. Place Seffarine: Metal goods
Here, you’ll find the workshops of the metal, iron, brass and copper craftsmen where they create art via techniques that haven’t changed in centuries. You can buy some skillfully decorated pottery, shiny copper utensils or beautiful jewelry.

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11. Café Clock

Located in the heart of the medina, this cafe is the perfect place to take a break. Try some Moroccan food and discover Morocco’s diverse culture through cuisine, art and music. You can also book a spot for one of the cooking classes and learn to how to prepare traditional Moroccan dishes.

12. Chez benkirane

In the old medina, you will find many shops selling honey, dried meat and Moroccan sweets like Chebakia. At “Chez Benkirane”, one of the best, you can choose from a variety of delicious honey and dried meat (Khlii). Fez is still referred to as Morocco’s “the Capital of Khlii”.

Sweets of Moulay Idriss

Beside Bab Moulay Idriss, you must taste some colorful sweets made from almonds, different seeds and peanuts. Buy some for few dirhams from the street vendors.

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