Around the world in 8 exquisite hot springs

Around the world in 8 exquisite hot springs

Here are eight hot springs where you can couple some R&R with natural therapy.

Some travelers cannot conceive of a room without a bath, a hotel without a pool or a summer away from the sea. Yet, in many places, the sea is seasonal. Natural hot springs are a nice way to warm up once the mercury starts to drop. These thermal springs, authentic spas of medicinal waters located in unparalleled natural environments.

These natural jacuzzis not only let you enjoy a relaxing hydromassage but you will also benefit from all the therapeutic properties of the mineral-rich waters in a spectacular backdrop. Here’s a look at eight of the world’s most exquisite natural hot springs.

1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most visited attractions, and it’s easy to see why. When you arrive, you’ll want time to stand still so you can contemplate the turquoise color surrounding you. The lagoon is located in a lava field 30 minutes from Reykjavík and contains water of geothermal origin at a temperature of about 38º. Rich in silica and sulfur, this medicinal water helps to combat skin diseases such as psoriasis. In addition, water vapor helps get rid of accumulated toxins and there is even silica mud available to apply as a face mask. In short, a wellness destination in capital letters.

2. Pamukkale, Turkey

If you thought the infinity pool at the last hotel you stayed at was epic, you haven’t visited Pamukkale yet. This geological formation, nicknamed cotton castle, arose as a result of tectonic movements that gave us hot springs that Walt Disney could not have imagined. As if that wasn’t enough, they are located just below the ruins of the ancient Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis. With water rich in calcium and bicarbonate, the palette of light shades offered by the hot springs of the 17 adjoining pools of Pamukkale will enchant you. Here you’ll heal body and soul.

3. Saturnia Hot Springs, Tuscany

At this point, you don’t have to convince anyone that Tuscany has it all for a perfect holiday. And as a button shows: beyond the undulating landscapes of vineyards and the warm light of its romantic sunsets, there is an unmissable place to relax: the Saturnia hot springs in Grosseto. Here, the Mulino waterfalls formed pools when they fell on the travertine rocks, offering a relaxing space that at the same time offers therapeutic properties thanks to its sulfurous waters.

4. Polques Hot Springs, Bolivia

The thermal waters of Polques are located in a volcanic zone near the border with Chile, in the town of Chalviri. In this magical enclave, you can enjoy a medicinal bath in 29° water. In addition to relaxing, you can alleviate joint problems such as arthritis naturally thanks to the healing properties of its waters.

5. Széchenyi Hot Springs, Budapest

Budapest is home to the largest thermal baths in Europe: the Széchenyi thermal baths, which with their neo-gothic style since 1913 form a great wellness center where you will find outdoor and indoor swimming pools, saunas, massage service and even a day hospital. The waters of the thermal baths, which vary from 28º to 40ºC, contain calcium, magnesium and chloride, among other components that contribute to healing a good number of ailments. For a sublime experience, we recommend you go on a cold night.

6. Champagne Pool, New Zealand

The antipodes also have thermal waters that you need to see to believe, just look at the so-called champagne pool, a lake in the region of Waikato on New Zealand’s North Island. With a high carbon dioxide content, this lake owes its name to the large bubbles that come out of the water due to this gas. Although you can’t swim here, the chromatic beauty is relaxing in and of itself.

7. Khir Ganga, India

Reaching the hot springs in the small village of Khir Ganga, Himachal Pradesh requires a somewhat strenuous four-hour walk, but we assure you that the excursion is worth it. With magnificent views of the Himalayas, this enclave is open from March to October and has been known for centuries for the healing properties of water, not only physically but also spiritually. A small retreat (you can even stay in the rooms or go camping) with a spectacular backdrop where the temple of rigor is not lacking.

8. Onsen Takaragawa, Japan

The thermal waters of Onsen Takaragawa are in an idyllic setting (in the city of Minakami, two hours from Tokyo), inviting travelers to experience an authentic Zen experience in the middle of the mountains. Now located within a hotel complex, the thermal pools are open 24 hours a day, so it is especially advisable to bathe early in the morning to witness the awakening of nature or take advantage of the charm of the night.

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