5 art exhibits in Paris this fall you shouldn’t miss

5 art exhibits in Paris this fall you shouldn’t miss

More often than not, art is worth traveling for. From Francis Bacon at Centre Pompidou to Degas at the Musée d’Orsay, Musement unveils 5 exhibitions not to be missed this autumn in Paris.

With more than 200 museums and 1000 art galleries, Paris is a culture lover’s paradise–especially since the permanent collections are always complemented by a regular rotation of temporary exhibits. Autumn not only marks the end of summer but also the beginning of the cultural season, here are five art exhibits in Paris worth traveling for this autumn.

1. “Francis Bacon – In plain language”

In September, British artist Francis Bacon takes center stage at Centre Pompidou for a retrospective dedicated to the last two decades of his maturity period. This exhibition, which covers Bacon’s work from 1971 to 1992, focuses particularly on the intrinsic link between the artist’s paintings and literature. It is in literature and through the study of his favorite authors such as Nietzsche or T.S. Eliot that he found the necessary inspiration for his creation. He translated, reinterpreted, and constantly integrated his readings into his painting.
Where: Centre Pompidou
When: September 11, 2019 – January 20, 2020

2. “Degas at the Opera House”

Each artist has his own universe. If Francis Bacon was inspired by what he read, a century earlier, Edgar Degas was inspired by what he saw, and he found the resources necessary for his inspiration mainly at the opera. Degas showed the entire Paris Opera in some of his major works. A true witness to 19th-century Parisian life, the artist did not hesitate to sneak behind the curtain to explore the universe he was hiding and reveal it to the rest of the world in its authenticity, without trying to sublimate it.
Where: Orsay Museum
When: September 24, 2019 – January 19, 2020

3. “Leonardo da Vinci” at the Louvre

This year marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death and it was only natural that the Louvre Museum should dedicate a retrospective to him for the occasion. It is indeed the Louvre that has the largest collection in the world of paintings by the Italian artist. This fall’s exhibition will include 5 paintings (Madonna of the Rocks, The Beautiful Ferronnière, Mona Lisa, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Anne) as well as 22 drawings from the museum’s permanent collection, as well as other works on loan from major international institutions. This exceptionally large exhibition will also be an opportunity to learn more about Leonardo da Vinci’s artistic techniques and practices, as well as about the man himself.
Where: Louvre Museum
When: 24 October 2019 – 24 February 2020

4. “Félix Fénéon (1861-1944), New times: from Seurat to Matisse”

There are those who make the art world evolve through their works and those who do so mainly through their ideas. Félix Fénéon fell into the latter. He was an essential and influential figure of the 20th century who acted as a catalyst for the transition to modernity. Art critic, seasoned collector, gallery owner, journalist and publisher, Fénéon unearthed many talents and acted in many ways to defend a world in which he believed, an enlightened place where all art forms without distinction of time or country could dialogue among themselves. The exhibition at the Orangerie Museum focuses particularly on the anarchist Félix Fénéon and portrays a man through the works he loved and defended.
Where: Orangerie Museum
When: October 16, 2019 to January 27, 2020

5. “The Canons of Elegance”

The taste for opulence and what shines is not only reserved for the world of haute couture. Soldiers also have the right to distinguish themselves by their attire and they seem to like it. This fall, the Army Museum will match the splendor of great warriors with the greatness of political power. Through a collection of approximately 200 pieces of armor, jewelry, saddles, weapons, accessories and even haute couture pieces, visitors will understand that luxury, a true translation of rank and power, has always been part of the soldiers’ identity.
Where: Army Museum
When: October 10, 2019 – January 26, 2020

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