The 50 most popular attractions in Europe

The 50 most popular attractions in Europe

From the Trevi Fountain to Park Güell and the Aqueduct of Segovia, find out which are the most popular attractions in Europe.

Europe is a continent rich in history and culture. You can tell simply by looking at the impressive number of monuments, landmarks, museums and more, which send thousands of people flocking to Europe each year. But with so much to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why we decided to tackle the question of what’s the most popular tourist attractions in Europe.

We analyzed the number of Google reviews for over 4,200 places of interest across Europe*. The result is a ranking of 50 amazing attractions worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Discover which attractions made the cut in the table below and read on to find out more about the top 10:

1Trevi FountainItaly3452374.8
3Eiffel TowerFrance3289724.6
4Louvre MuseumFrance2662404.7
5Disneyland ParisFrance2596964.5
6La Sagrada FamiliaSpain2003094.7
7Arc de TriompheFrance1976104.7
9El Retiro ParkSpain1640864.8
10Park GüellSpain1628454.4
12London EyeUK1498944.5
13Buckingham PalaceUK1480864.5
14Prague CastleCzech Republic1434954.7
16Rialto BridgeItaly1423044.7
17Camp NouSpain1421714.6
18Vatican MuseumsHoly See1409924.6
19Brandenburg GateGermany1389034.7
20Charles BridgeCzech Republic1368464.7
21St. Peter's BasilicaHoly See1333584.8
22The British MuseumUK1329454.7
23Wawel Royal CastlePoland1318564.7
24Tower BridgeUK1307034.7
25Verona ArenaItaly1241704.7
26Duomo of MilanItaly1237344.8
27Santiago Bernabéu StadiumSpain1217734.6
28Palace of VersaillesFrance1213444.6
29Schönbrunn PalaceAustria1206254.7
30Ponte VecchioItaly1184624.7
31Leaning Tower of PisaItaly1173794.7
32Hyde ParkUK1151234.7
33Roman ForumItaly1147244.7
34Ciudad de las Artes y las CienciasSpain1144704.7
36Casa BatllóSpain1060344.6
38Acropolis of AthensGreece1023934.8
39Museo Nacional del PradoSpain1008024.7
40Gardaland ResortItaly993044.4
41Luxembourg GardensFrance947174.7
42Sanctuary of Our Lady of FátimaPortugal942544.8
44Tuileries GardenFrance932254.6
45ZOO Wrocław sp.z o.o.Poland912584.7
46PortAventura WorldSpain902014.3
47St. Stephen's CathedralAustria900634.7
48Plitvice Lakes National ParkCroatia888754.7
49Tower of LondonUK874214.6
50Aqueduct of SegoviaSpain863104.8

The Top 10

1. Trevi Fountain, Rome (Italy): 345,237 reviews

At the top of the list is one of the most famous monuments of the Eternal City: the Trevi Fountain. Sitting at the end of the Acqua Vergine aqueduct at the crossroads of three different streets, this Baroque work of art is truly beautiful. Almost too big for such a small space, it’s often overrun with tourists eager to take a picture and make a wish by tossing a coin into the fountain. Our tip is to get there early in the morning or late at night, when the crowds are smaller and the atmosphere more intimate and magical.

2. Colosseum, Rome (Italy): 330,361 reviews

Second place goes to another iconic attraction in Rome. The Colosseum, whose original name is the Flavian Amphitheater, is the largest Roman amphitheater in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Built between AD 72 and 80, this extraordinary feat of engineering was inaugurated with 100 days of games, featuring gladiator shows, naval battles, classical tragedies and other forms of popular public entertainment during the Roman Empire. Today, a visit to the Colosseum and the archaeological sites of the Imperial Fora and Palatine Hill is an exciting step into the past of Western civilization.


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3. Eiffel Tower, Paris (France): 328,972 reviews

It’s no surprise that third place goes to the most recognizable monument on the Paris skyline: the iconic Eiffel Tower. Built for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 and standing 1082ft high (including the antenna), for many years it was the tallest building in Europe. Head to the second floor and to the top of the building, at a height of 380ft and 905ft respectively, for fantastic panoramic views of the city. At night the monument lights up with 20,000 light bulbs, creating a very special atmosphere.


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4. Louvre, Paris (France): 266,240 reviews

The Louvre in Paris is one of the most famous and visited museums in the world. Spread over an area of over 64,000 sq ft, it has a permanent collection of approximately 35,000 works, ranging from ancient Egyptian artifacts to 19th-century art. Some of the most famous works of Western art are housed here, such as Da Vinci’s enigmatic Mona Lisa, and the Venus de Milo, a famous Greek statue dating back to 130 BC. But you can also admire works by Caravaggio, Raphael, Delacroix, Ingres and paintings from the Flemish school. Given the impressive size of the museum, we suggest exploring it on a guided tour.


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5. Disneyland® Paris, Paris (France): 259,696 reviews

A little over 30km from Paris is this famous Disney park, beloved by both adults and children alike. The Disneyland® Paris complex consists of two parks, Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studios, which together have over 50 themed rides ranging from the most adrenaline-pumping to those suitable for children. You can immerse yourself in the MARVEL Universe, the Pixar world and meet all the characters from your favorite Disney cartoons. From now until September 30, visitors will also be able to enjoy special shows and performances in honor of the park’s 30th anniversary, the Grand Finale. Highlights include Disney Dreams®!, the acclaimed show which features fireworks and special effects projected onto the Sleeping Beauty Castle.


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6. Sagrada Família, Barcelona (Spain): 200,309 reviews

The Sagrada Família just had to be mentioned. An exceptional work of Catalan modernism still unfinished after more than 141 years of construction, this imposing basilica is Barcelona’s star attraction. It’s particularly celebrated for its magnificent facades and tall towers. The architect Gaudí, inspired by nature, also created a ‘forest’ of columns along with stained-glass windows that create a wonderful interplay of light and colors. Once completed, the Sagrada Família will have 18 towers and be the tallest church in the world, thanks to its maximum height of 564ft.


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7. Arc de Triomphe, Paris (France): 197,610 reviews

This enormous triumphal arch, 164ft tall, 147ft wide and 72ft deep, is one of the most visited monuments in Paris. It was commissioned by Napoleon to celebrate the victory of Austerlitz and took 30 years to build. Beneath the arc you can pay your respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, who represents all those who perished anonymously during the World Wars. While from the panoramic terrace on the roof, you can enjoy spectacular views of the City of Light and the Champs- Élysées.


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8. Pantheon, Rome (Italy): 190,835 reviews

The final Roman attraction in our top 10 is the Pantheon. Originally a temple where all the Gods were worshipped, the building was destroyed in a fire in 80 AD. In the 2nd century, Emperor Hadrian had the Pantheon rebuilt, it then became a church in the 7th century with the honorific title of minor basilica. The most famous part of the building is the great dome, 142ft wide and with a central oculus 28ft in diameter. On good weather days the sunlight enters through this circular opening, on bad days so does the rain. Another highlight is the vestibule, made up of 16 massive columns.

9. Buen Retiro Park, Madrid (Spain): 164,086 reviews

In the heart of the Spanish capital is one of the most famous city parks in Europe. The Retiro Park covers an impressive 309 acres and is one of the most visited attractions in Madrid. Stroll through its beautiful gardens and enjoy the manicured greenery. Among its must-sees are the French Garden, the Fallen Angel Fountain, the Palacio de Cristal, where the exhibitions of the Reina Sofía museum are held, and the artificial lake, near the monument dedicated to King Alfonso XII, which can be explored by chartered boat.


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10. Park Güell, Barcelona (Spain): 162,845 reviews

Seven of Gaudí’s works have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, two of which have made it into our top 10. Besides the Sagrada Família, Park Güell is also one of the most popular attractions in Europe. The park is the perfect union between nature and architecture with impressive features including the double staircase with the mosaic El Drac salamander, the colonnade with 86 columns and the Plaza de la Naturaleza with its sinuous bench resembling a snake. Sit on the bench to enjoy the view over Barcelona!

*Methodology: More than 4,200 attractions across Europe were considered in our analysis. The number of reviews on Google for each attraction were then analyzed. Attractions with the most reviews were considered the most popular. (Note: to avoid repetition, famous squares have been excluded from the analysis, while attractions in squares have been considered. For example, Piazza del Duomo in Milan has been excluded, but the Duomo itself has been included). Data updated to February 2023.

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