Best bank holiday breaks for 2019

Best bank holiday breaks for 2019

Bank holidays mean a long weekend which makes them a perfect time to hit the road for a getaway. Here are some travel ideas for making the most out of the 2019 bank holiday breaks.

Ask a British person what our favorite kind of weekend is and we will most likely respond with, “a bank holiday weekend, of course”. We spend all year waiting for one of these magical reprieves that give us one less day of work and one more day to do whatever we want.

While some people spend their entire bank holiday in the pub, the more adventurous among us prefer to get away for a few days. The long weekend is perfect for jetting off and exploring a new city.

The UK, and particularly London, is an excellent springboard for visiting continental Europe. In an hour or so we can find ourselves in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In two hours, we can touch down in most of western and central Europe.

The only real issue is deciding where we should spend your precious bank holiday weekend. So, let’s take a look at the options.

1. Easter Weekend: end of March/Beginning of April

Easter weekend is the king of the bank holiday weekends because we get both Friday and Monday off, making the weekend a blissful four days.

Nice: By the Easter weekend, the weather in Nice will be perfect. This coastal town on the French Riviera has the ideal mixture of glorious beaches, rugged hiking paths, and city buzz.  On top of that, there is the delicious French food.

Sicily: Come Easter, this little Italian island is drenched in sunshine and is perfect for outdoor lovers. With beaches galore, plenty of snorkeling spots, and beautiful valleys, it is impossible to be bored here. Those feeling particularly energetic can challenge themselves to a hike up Mount Etna.  And the food is just incredible.

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2. May Bank Holiday: first Monday of May

The May Bank Holiday offers us three days to get away. Europe is warming up by this point, so outdoor adventures are in the cards.

Seville: Seville is one of those cities where absolutely everything is beautiful. From the delicate architecture of the old town to the outstanding palaces in the city center, there’s no shortage of things to marvel at. Plus, the tapas here are reasonably priced and mouth-wateringly good.

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Budapest: The capital of Hungary, Budapest is one of the highlights of central Europe, especially when the sun is shining. Spend the day in the spa baths or hiking to the Buda Castle. In the evening, cruise along the river and admire the lit up houses of parliament.

3. Spring Bank Holiday: last Monday of May

Summer is oh-so-close at this point and the office is getting a little too stuffy for comfort. Time to get off the island and onto the mainland.

Lisbon: The energy in Lisbon pulses 24/7 thanks to the city’s incredible nightlife. During the day there are plenty of cultural sites and museums to explore and the trendy bars on every street are perfect for the evening. What more could we want?

Prague: The Old Town of Prague is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The cobbled streets and fairytale architecture is guaranteed to take your breath away. A  picnic in the hilltop Letna Park is an ideal place to admire  incredible views of the river and its bridges,

4. Summer Bank Holiday – last Monday of August</3>

Finally, summer is here and chances are we’re sweltering and desperate to get away from muggy Britain.

Amsterdam: Amsterdam in the summer is a true delight. Nothing beats strolling along the canals in the sunshine or renting a bike to explore further afield. For a respite from the heat, the galleries or coffee shops are the perfect place for a break.

Reykjavik: During the summer, the sun sets for just three hours in Reykjavik so the days are long. This gives you ample time to visit the Blue Lagoon and Iceland’s numerous geysers, glaciers, and waterfalls.


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