7 of the best cooking apps

7 of the best cooking apps

Whether you’re an amateur, a pro, or somewhere in between, a little digital guidance in the kitchen is always welcome. Musement takes a look at seven of the best cooking apps.

One look at Instagram these days, and it’s evident that for many the kitchen is where it’s at during lockdown—when better than now to spend some quality time there? Whether you’re cooking for transportive purposes or just because mastering kitchen arts in some shape or form has always been on your to-do list, we compiled some of the best cooking apps to help keep you organized and/or inspired.

1. Paprika

Use Paprika’s browser option to Google whichever recipe you’re looking for, then select “create recipe.“ The app template syncs perfectly with any website in recipe format, and you can feel free to add any notes you wish. Not in recipe format? Just copy and paste the recipe into the app. You can also create categories such as pasta, chicken, etc. so you can categorize accordingly—you can assign multiple categories to each recipe. Download

2. Substitutions

Its name indicates its purview to a T: substitutions. Say you’re in the middle of cooking and realize you don’t have an ingredient or, say you have an allergy to a particular ingredient and you’d like to know that to use in its place. There’s nothing worse than realizing at the last minute that you don’t have, say, cilantro, so Substitutions will help get you out of a bind. Download

3.Big Oven

Big Oven contains more than 500,000 recipes uploaded by its users that have been sourced from all over the internet. Plus, the app includes efficient tools like meal planning, grocery lists, and an option for using up leftovers so you can get rid of any day-old ingredients lingering in the fridge. Download

4. Kitchen Stories

This interactive cooking app has a strong visual component, featuring lots of professionally shot videos and demonstrations as well as informative editorial content about cooking and baking. This global community of home cooks uploads their own recipes and content to share among the community, so users have thousands to choose from. Plus, it’s complete with a measurement converter, cooking timer, and a shopping list organizer. Download

5. Mealime

Mealime targets healthy eaters and has 200 personalization options that help customize personalized meals. This is a great app for anyone short on time as most of the recipes take 20 to 30 minutes. It’s also an optimal motivator for anyone who fears time will hinder them from maintaining a post-quarantine, kitchen prowess once they’re back to the grind. Download

6. BBC Good Food

What’s not to love about the BBC? Not only do they provide stellar programming, but they also know a thing or two about food. Its Good Food arm includes a monthly magazine, books, and a solid cooking app brimming with more than 12,000 recipes. You can create your own collections and build a personal mini database. Plus, the “Cook Mode” feature prevents your screen from locking when cooking. The easy to navigate categories include vegan, family, and kids, budget, quick and easy, dinner ideas, and more. Download

7. Epicurious

This digital food platform by Conde Nast boasts an exemplary app that offers plenty of food and cooking related content at users’ fingertips. Its website has more than 33,000 recipes since its 1995 inception, some of which have been featured in other Conde Nast publications such as Bon Appetit and the late Gourmet magazine. In addition to through instructional content, the app, of course, features a shopping list, a timer that lets you select the ingredients (and if applicable their size and desired cooking temperature), and it will automatically track the preprogrammed time once you hit start. New content is added daily. Download

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