5 of the best detox destinations in North America

5 of the best detox destinations in North America

Musement takes a look at five destinations in North America where you can go for a refreshing detox.

With the new year always comes new resolutions and more often than not, we resolve to put our wellness front and center. Some people sign up for the discounted gym membership or diet plans and do well for about two weeks before lapsing back into their old ways, while others go big or go home and rise to the challenge to change their lives for what they believe is the better.

If you fall into the latter, you might find yourself itching for holiday that couples the joy of travel with your new lifestyle. Here are five detox destinations in America where the scenery is just as much of a draw as the resort. If we missed any of your favorites, let us know in the comments.

1. Mii amo; Sedona, Arizona

Mii amo is a red rock resort that blends magically into the russet walls of Boynton Canyon. A bit luxe, Mii Amo is an all-inclusive resort offering three-, four- or seven-night packages that include dozens of activities, such as yoga, an array of spa treatments and inventive wholesome meals prepared from quality ingredients. Website

2. New Life Hiking Spa; Killington, Vermont

For those eager to get moving in the great outdoors, New Life Hiking Spa in Killington, Vermont will — literally — keep you on your toes. In addition to group hikes, there are plenty of spa services and classes dedicated to fitness and meditation. Plus, they throw in a complimentary massage for every three nights. Keep in mind that this is a seasonal spa, open from to October. Website

3. The Raj; Fairfield, Iowa

As appealing as it sounds, it’s hard to get away to India for three to four weeks for panchakarma, a 21-28 day, five-step mind and body rejuvenation via steam baths, massages, herb oils, a special diet and more. You can, however, head to the Raj, a vast French country-style estate in Fairfield, Iowa, that’s home to an Ayurvedic Health Center offering an abbreviated version of the treatment — ideal for those who can’t squeeze in the trip to India. Website

4. Red Mountain Resort; Ivans, Utah

From golf to hiking to cycling to specially dedicated health and wellness packages, Red Mountain Resort has something for every type of detoxer. A variety of fitness programs couples with delightful spa treatments guarantee that it’s impossible to get bored. Zion National Park is just an hour away and the resort operates several excursions for its guests. Website

5. Spa Eastman; Montreal, Quebec

You don’t have to visit Finland or elsewhere in Scandinavia to bask in the ultimate Nordic spa experience, usually, a cycle that sharply contrasts hot and cold. This ancient practice is said to not only encourage rest and relaxation, but it also eliminates toxins, gives the immune system a boost and is good for the muscles. Spa Eastman, around an hour outside of Montreal, is just one of Canada’s many Nordic-style spas offering this practice. Website

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